go ~ War and Peace

I was going chew some leaves on Sunday, but didn't or couldn't for some reason, then I was going to get up early morning Tuesday and take them, but went to bed very late on Monday so knew that wasn't on. Finally I decided to take them at 10.30pm last night. In view of the possible paranoia it was essential to take them at a time when I knew for certain that no-one could come round, yet I also wanted to take them at a time when I wouldn't fall asleep and miss a lot of it. Not easy.

I desperately wanted to meet Salvia last night, but I didn't feel capable of taking a dose stronger than my last trip. So I took 5 leaves. Anyway, the trip was so strong that if I'd taken more I don't think I'd be talking to you now, I'd be barking.

As last time, I chewed hard and fast from the word go. This is what makes the difference. Within a few minutes, I'd practically eaten them, as if they were lettuce. It is a bit pointless to chew them slowly. An unchewed bit of leaf in your mouth is doing nothing.

The effect had started by 11 minutes, and by 14 minutes a very scrawly handwriting informs me that it was "v stong"! (My Salvific attempt to spell strong).

Now before I started this trip I said to Salvia, "If you want war, we'll have war, and if you want peace, we'll have peace. I know there has to be reverence, but it's not going to be my reverence for you, it's going to be your reverence for me."

The minute the effect came on I took charge and set the agenda. Anything that wasn't of my own choice got kicked into touch straight away, unless it was something that could be healed on the spot and turned into something good.

The trip was wonderful, totally unlike all the others. I could go anywhere I wanted, heaven, the garden

of Eden, you name it. In comparison I had spent the previous one groping around sewers. It shouldn't happen to a dog.

This time if any "people" or "entities" came to join in, I welcomed them so long as it was all going to be love and warmth and joy, otherwise they could find some other sucker to parasitize. As a result, there was endless love and warmth and friendship and cuddles throughout the trip. Beautiful women, I'm not being crude, they were really beautiful in the sense that nature is beautiful or a child is beautiful, but much, much more so. And men, who I normally have a big hang-up about any closeness with, they were just like there was no problem and hadn't been any for hundreds of years, they were beautiful too, and just no threat at all, we were like gods being together.

I'm amazed at this result. I'd always assumed "positive thinking" to be a technique repressed people use to make themselves even more repressed, and taken the view that with a psychotropic substance the thing to do is "turn on and tune in". Never again. If I tune in, I get the loony channel. From now on, I call the tune.

And why not? Ask and you shall receive. God said "let there be light", and there was light. Why shouldn't we do the same? It's the way to go.