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Your two accounts of experience n and n+1 were interesting to compare. I wonder if you have got round to n+2.

Your experiences seem to be quite varied over all so far, but the last two in particular seemed like a contrasting pair. It may even be a considered as a trio of experiences if n+2 has cast yet another perspective.

I took a lot from your last account about the idea of taking charge of the experience. I used this in my last mushroom trip and found that by applying such focus I could better handle the experience, particularly the tendency for the mushy mind to race out of control. I also did some stretching and yoga type movements, which helped too. At times though it was tempting to relinquish control, just to see what would happen.

I find that another option is available with regard to 'unpleasant' experiences. It is more like detached, impartial observance of the phenomena. Don Juan may have put this as simply not indulging. Of course this is easier said than done, but so is 'controlling' the visions in the first place, which one may not always find to be that easy. In any case, as well as in Salvia-space, I think this is useful to practice for circumstances when one finds one is not fully in control of external events, for example, in real life.

Anyway, this is not to suggest that you weren't onto something, like I say, I found the idea of taking charge most useful. It's just that I see the beautiful visions of the second trip were somewhat dependent on the horrors of the first. The latter experience maybe supersedes the former, but they do seem to be related.

You had the second experience because you needed it, it was appropriate, and seemed to have some point to it. But many (maybe not all, but many) of my 'negative' experiences also seem to be not entirely pointless; harsh lessons sometimes, but not pointless.

I mention this just as contingency. You may face certain aspects again in the future and find that different approaches are called for. Sometimes a truce is more effective than all-out war, and there's no harm in having many strings to your bow.