go ~ It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog

The amount of leaves I took last Sunday was the equivalent of about 20 5-inch leaves or 10 7-inch leaves, bearing in mind that my leaf lengths include the stalk which is about ¼ of the total length. Some of the leaves had large areas that had withered and turned brown, but I included these bits in the quid, just in case there was still salvinorin in them. I'm alive to tell the tale so at least they do no harm.

I chewed hard and fast from the start in line with what I said in previous e-mail. The effect had definitely started by 7 minutes, perhaps earlier, and by about 13 minutes I was well away. I spat the quid out after 22 minutes. It was a lot mushier than previous ones have been, so I obviously had chewed it more.

The trip seemed very strong, although it's very hard to compare Salvia trips either with each other or with anything else, for strength. The experience was full of incredibly hostile characters. Many decades ago I had a few bum trips on LSD, in which I felt cosmic terror, but I never saw anything like these entities and if I'd seen them in those days I'd probably have flipped my lid. But one gets older and wiser, and I just laughed at them. At one point I saw a couple in a kind of farmhouse or something, they were like green welly people, quite nice, and it was obvious that I was going to be taken right into that scene, and I didn't mind that much, until I saw that I was going to be their dog!

I got sucked into being their dog in that scene and I couldn't fight it. It was very real, or at least it pretended to be. In my acid days I'd have thought that I was going to be in the body of that dog for the rest of my (or rather its) life, and never return to this body. But this time I thought, ok, let’s have some fun. I drew the word "hello" in the air with my paw, and said to myself that if this is going to be as real as it makes out then somewhere in the world there's going to be a miracle of somebody's dog writing hello in the air with its paw. And, as you can see, I got out of there ok. …Woof-woof.

But the hostile scenes continued. The people I saw weren't demonic or spooky, mostly, they were rather the sort of people you'd call right bastards, but to an incredible degree, intensified and exaggerated. I never know quite whether to go into things or resist them when they're like this. If it's something nice I go into it anyway, but if it's something nasty you can get some good healing and integration from going into it, but then again you could get lost in there. I kept on taking the mickey out of Salvia all the time she was doing this to me, but I saw that I was just a hairs-breadth away from being completely overwhelmed and consumed by it all.

I don't know what the reason for all this was. It was the first time I'd had leaves from my plants rather than your plants. Possibly you treat your plants with a lot more reverence than I do. A lot of people recommend this sort of approach, but I can't get into it. I treat them with love but not with reverence.

Another reason may be that my plants are unhappy about having a dry atmosphere. Then again it may not be that they're "unhappy" about it, but simply their chemical makeup is affected by the atmosphere. Another possibility is that brown withered bits were responsible for the bitter and twisted characters I saw, and yet another possibility is that the leaves being from young plants had something to do with it, they were at a yobbish age. But I think most likely it was just coincidence and nothing to do with the source of the leaves. I'd have had the same trip that day wherever the leaves came from.

It wasn't all bad, though. There were some wonderful bits too. I could tell you all sorts of things about my experiences but it's probably deadly boring to read about other people's trips. Let me know if you want more, or less, info about them.

Well, into the unknown once again...