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Thanks for the report of your Salvia experience, - it sounded quite remarkable.

I think you manage to go much further with it than I do. By comparison I feel like a bit of a Salvia hard-head. I use mushrooms for their raw power. Salvia provides something complimentary, but with it I always seem to be somehow aware that I am having 'an experience'. Mind you, you seem to have gone for it with the amount of chewing that you did, and like you say, the distance between being on the edge and being overwhelmed is just a hairsbreadth.

I'm glad you survived this experience, with its hostile elements, and sounded like you were prepared to go at least once more 'into the breach'.

My plant allies have the power to spook me too, and sometimes it is difficult to figure a motivation for continuing. I suggest in my recent submissions to the site (on temporal> aspects) that scary elements can add to the reality of the experience. I quote McKenna re a touch of terror>.

And it does seem to me that what's being dealt with (and explored) in such realms are very real phenomena. It's the reality of it that makes it worth doing. Any hedonistic argument to the effect, "why bother, if it's not wholly enjoyable" seems about as relevant as "why go to the South Pole, if it's so cold".

Of course the phenomena can be enjoyable and also quite personal too. So I hope your encounters with hostile elements are limited, or at least instructive.

I'm always interested in hearing people's accounts. I seldom find them boring.

I don't know if there could be any clear-cut reason why one would encounter hostile elements. It's certainly tricky ground to try to explain in terms of 'yobbish' or bad leaves anyway, though I realise these were only notions, not ideas you were putting forward dogmatically. As you suggest, it was probably only coincidence.