I have to say my first experiences were not as dramatic as yours were. I had to try a few times before I got my first ‘breakthrough’. A few people have written to me saying that they were not getting anything at first and for these ‘hardheads’ I recommend the enhanced extracts, but I have never tried them myself. I think that there is more risk with the enhanced extracts, they may be good to use as a ‘battering ram’ for people finding it hard to breakthrough, but, apart from this, untreated leaf probably has a better balance.

Dale Pendell has written about this well in his book ‘Pharmakopoeia’. In writing about the extraction of pure Salvinorin he talks about ‘The Crystal Highway’, this will apply just as much to enhanced extracts. He says,

"…all of this raises some questions. Why do it? On the "Crystal Highway" the ally often shows a more precipitous, and more terrifying, face than she does on the Path [of leaves] or on the Bridge [of smoke]. Many who meet the ally on the Crystal Highway never wish to repeat the experience. The ally is always fast, but on the Crystal Highway she is superluminal. And controlling dosage [...]> requires some skill. The raw leaf seems so exquisitely balanced already."

So, I would recommend maybe keeping your enhanced leaf until your are feeling much more experienced, confident and curious. But I am glad you have not given up completely with Salvia. The plant is always deserving of respect. It is not really a thing that can be used recreationally, just for fun, but despite that, I would hope that Salvia could show you a more gentle and balanced side to her nature.

Salvia is capable of a great many different varieties and types of experience. - Not just from individual to individual but also within the same person at different times, which is another reason why it is a bit of a shame if (and when) some people do get put off after a few bad experiences.

Salvia is not for everyone of course, and each person does have to think carefully about what it has to offer, but it would be unfortunate if, for example, you were put off before you got a chance to try chewing the leaf.

I think chewing is the best method of all, but I would also say it is probably worth trying again smoking the untreated leaf while you are waiting for your plant to grow.

Anyway, the account of your experience was very interesting. I have many things to do since coming back from holiday but I will copy it up to the web-site as soon as I get some time.

I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.