I've kept sitting down at my computer with the intention of expanding on the experience side of things and end up instead doing something else like refining the site’s organisation and its design. Not a complete waste of time I hope, but perhaps I have been putting it off. In a way it’s difficult write about such experience.

Perhaps I am being too ambitious in wanting to fuse a great deal of diversity in to a single coherent understanding, and I would be better tackling it more systematically. Many of the experiences seem quite disparate and illusive when you try to pin them down. Different aspects seem to get revealed at different times. Sometimes I feel I get a revelation into the mind of nature, sometimes a confrontation with nothing other than the self (the sub-conscious, or the shadow). Sometimes it feels like messages coming from the future, - a premonition. Sometimes like time stopping, - ending.

Yet these different experiences can also seem to have common aspects. Like a future premonition being a premonition about time ending. So I have the experience of time stopping. The experience of a plant revealing a message from the future, - a premonition. And another experience merging those into a premonition about the end of time.

Another different aspect, but which again seems ultimately related, is the experience of language. "The world is made of language."  We are constantly running descriptions of the world to ourselves in terms of language. This happens overtly as the incessant interior dialogue, but may also I think be going on at some ‘other’ level beyond normal consciousness. Salvia (and mushrooms, they have this in common) seems to be able (with me at least) to transform the nature of the interior dialogue. Perhaps awareness is shifted away from its mundane descriptions of the world ("what shall I have for tea?") to something less familiar, the dialogue continues, but the language is altogether different.

The 'other' dialogue is mysterious in that it seems to have a life of its own. It's not bound to limiting ideas of the self. It's also strange in that it does not make standard sense. The closest analogy is the language evoked in Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, only much faster and multi-track. It's like the interior dialog is transformed into a high-speed, high-frequency natter. A shpringle-shprangle of language. Newly co-joined words springing into existence, running into and bouncing off each other, jingle-jangle.

Like Finnegan's Wake, maybe more so because of the high-speed, this language on one level can seem quite meaningless. Another way of seeing it is not that it's meaningless, it's just some way beyond my capacity to understand.

This experience of a hi-frequency high-speed hyper-language is an experience in its own right, but also relates. I mentioned premonitions, messages coming from the future, and the language feels very futuristic, - a glimpse of a future language. Finnegan's Wake was way ahead of its time.

I was starting to complain about the difficulty of writing about such experiences. There is some level of justification. One realises the limitations of language. One is trying to describe something that is beyond the ordinary, and there isn't ordinarily the language to do this. But perhaps the real difficulty, like with a lot of things, is simply getting started.

And I guess I shouldn’t complain at all really, for something that I feel, and it also seems to be verified from some other sources (e.g. The Mushrooms of Language> article), is that these two plant allies, both mushrooms and salvia, are in fact language facilitators. It’s one of the things that they do.

I think it’s interesting in a closing note here to contrast this to some non-plant based approaches to altered-state reality, which basically hold the line that the experience is so ineffable that nothing can really be said about it. These approaches tend to otherwise emphasise the importance of silence, - to the point of sanctity. Compared with this it’s almost as if the plants get round the problem in another way, an aspect revealed in the ‘new hyper-language’ experience - where they seem instead to have the power to take language further.

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