~ my response to the Language and Intent replies

I like the idea of aligning thoughts with intent in order for them to become effective.

Perhaps the entities were/are having a bit of a laugh with you by being so pedantic, but it seems that there’s a bit more behind their joke than entirely pointless semantics. It could be seen as quite appropriate that the clarity of intent for effective action should be accompanied by a review of associated language. Yes, the entities could have let you off with, "We know what you mean", when you were struggling for an exact form of words. But my take on this (and I wouldn’t want to impose too much on your own interpretations) is that they were simply asking you to prove that you knew what you meant.

Your experiences are of a slightly different nature to mine (naturally), but the realisation I have had with Salvia is that experience of language and experience of ‘mysterious realms’ are at least not incompatible. That’s one of the thrusts behind the original article, - questioning any traditional assumption sanctifying silence as the sole way to experience the mystery. It’s not that I think that this traditional view is entirely baseless, - silence and contemplation of the void have undoubted value. It’s just that what’s behind the mystery glimpsed via Salvia, to paraphrase Mckenna, may be stranger than anyone can suppose.