I was originally going to develop and expand on experiences solely under either the /Salvia/Effects section, or latterly, since mushrooms are also part of my experience, under /Shrooms/Effects.  There are distinctions, but the two phenomena often seem more like part of the same unfolding story. Hence this section, which contains description and reflection not isolated to one or other plant ally.  I think this, supported with cross-referenced links from and to other areas, is the most satisfactory way of organising the material.

Your comments on experience (or about any of the site) are welcomed.  I'd be interested how you relate to it all.  Unless you specifically request me not to I may post your submissions (or parts of) on some appropriate page in the site.  If I do this I will not include your contact details.  If you want me to do anything other than this let me know, I'm quite happy to include your contact details if you request it.