The following experience account of 'Bi-Location' and follow up series of speculations, points and counterpoints was initiated by a plant recipient after trying some of my leaf.  A point of interest is the possibility of never taking Salvia again.  We touch on a number of subjects other than this, certainly more than suggested simply by the title above, but the kinds arguments of one might consider for taking / not taking Salvia or any other power-plant is one of the central themes. 


What If Everybody Knew This?

Selfish Indulgence?

The Only Game In Town

The Other Only Game In Town

The Other Green Party

There is Only One Party

The World is Me ... is You

Universal Consciousness ~ another reader comments (01)

Intelligent, Subtle and Complex ~ another reader comments (02)


You're Not Kidding...

The following (at this level of indentation) are my replies to 'You're Not Kidding...', I've split them into three articles for manageability/readability.  Further replies are further indented.

The Lesson of History

I Have Not Forgotten

On the Nature of Forgetting


Am I Alienated?

Sheer Bloody Indulgence

Not In My Experience

Simply a Society ~ another reader comments (03)


Why Bother?

On Why Bother

In My Experience