Universal Consciousness 

I agree with you 100% about the basis of what you are saying about UC.  It is something I discovered partly because of the books I was reading at the time (on matter and the Universe) but mainly because of the way I used to trip. After a while it did occur to me...... So!.....Now what? To use your words "an awe-struck cul-de-sac".  I found it difficult to find value in the experience other than its inducement of intense ecstasy, similar to a heroin rush I imagine!

But, after my period of abstinence and particularly in more recent trips, I find the ability to "still the mind" invaluable before setting off into the unknown. Not only as a means of navigation but also as a way of viewing the experiences from a universal perspective instead of the rather limited human perspective that most people take with them.  

This does not mean to say I don't value the human perspective. After all, I am human too, and I agree with you that we are far from the limit of human possibility, I just feel that these possibilities will only be truly realized whilst coming from the other direction - i.e. without the human baggage.  If those other realms are depicted as an infinite maze of possibilities, then UC is the bench at the centre where we rest and take stock of how we got there and where we go next.  It is in this sense that I use the term core experience and also because, of all the weird and wonderful experiences I have had, this remains the most profound.