What if everybody knew this ?

A remarkable experience. I totally relate to this familiar feeling of re-entering a space that you’ve left only a moment before.

Very interesting that you say you may never take Salvia again, - the appalling aspect. The thing is that the vision is just so uncompromising. It’s not as if one temporarily escapes from the mundane into a make-believe word for a bit of a lark. The reality of it is staggering. I think the appalling aspect relates to the fact that we really have no training, no expectation, no idea, before the revelation. It bears so little resemblance to our day-to-day understanding of the world, to any existing cosmology, to our conditioning, that a great tension inevitably ensues. - You experience something that must be impossible, based on what you knew before, and yet you are directly apprehending it, so it must be happening.

In the midst of the experience one takes what one perceives to be real, but even only a short while after the peak, part of you denies it. It must be impossible. It must be a delusion.

I think that perhaps to continue with part of you convinced of the reality of it and part of you not knowing if it is a delusion is the best we can do, while we are in this ordinary realm, for the present at least. But I wonder too if Salvia’s ‘appearance’ on the scene, as it were, isn't a movement toward a reconciliation of two different realms.

At the moment it seems almost too much. Yes, I have a web-site dedicated to Salvia, and hundreds of  people have contacted me so far. But I don’t know how many of them will achieve a breakthrough experience. Many of them seem to be looking for a legal cannabis substitute, and, while they may be in for an initial surprise, they may be reluctant to take it further if it’s not giving them what they wanted. Anyhow, even if they were all ‘converted’, it would still be a drop in an ocean of ignorance.

But maybe, just maybe, Salvia will have a bigger role to play in our collective development. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if it were already common knowledge. What if such a cosmology was taught at school? - If it was part of our training. What if everybody knew this? Then it would be part of our lives, then you could talk with your neighbours about such things, watch an entirely different set of characters on Eastenders, and see a general election fought over an entirely different set of issues.