Simply a Society

Krishnamurti said, that for thousands of years mankind has been struggling to alter the institutions in which he lives - and this has failed. "The only revolution" he said "is within". Now, I know K was not a plant person - but then - nobody's perfect are they?

It seems to me that the mind itself is an institution - because it is stuck in a groove. Power plants knock the mind out of its groove so that it is no longer institutionalised (temporarily of course). 

A society comprised of people whose minds are institutions, will be an institutionalised society. 

A psychedelic society will never be institutionalised. Psychedelics won't allow it. So to talk of some future or possible society where the institution recognises and promotes psychedelics seems a bit of a nonsense to me. Perhaps one day society will open up to psychedelics - but if it ever does - it will cease to be an institution. It will simply be a society.