These Worldly Institutions Have Failed

When I say that these worldly institutions have failed me. I mean in so much as they fail anyone interested in the realms that plant allies reveal. And I take these revelations, these experiences, to be essential in gaining a fuller understanding of reality. So, while these institutions make claims as to an understanding of whatís going on, and in so far as they teach on the basis of their ideologies, I see them as poison.

Let me re-phrase.  I see that these worldly institutions have failed. Period.

This is not a hindrance for me in the sense of it being me who feels as if they have been let down. Itís not something thatís been done to me; I donít take it that personally. Itís just a statement of fact.


The failure is not with me itís with the institutions. Specifically, because and in so far as these institutions fail to attempt to integrate the psychedelic experience, letís be clear - by and large they fail even to acknowledge the psychedelic experience.