In My Experience

Okay, it comes through that you are not universally rejecting all the plant realms, and I am glad to hear it. - Ultimately this is a personal decision anyway. What I have been contesting most strongly is some of the arguments made (in a general sense, hopefully not in a personal sense against you), since I’ve never felt that the tack "I am free to be that indulgent <[...]" has ever really rung fully true.

Like I said, I think that chewing Salvia is a superior method of ingestion, better than smoking it principally because you have more time to get orientated. By contrast the feeling one can get from smoking it is, "what was that all about?" Having said that, with an eye on the general readership, I’m bound to say that the intensity of your experience (as you describe it) sounds quite unprecedented and I wouldn’t want to put other people off trying my untreated leaf samples. Your experience sounds more like that of ‘The Crystal Highway’> (see the field report as described in Dale Pendell’s Salvia Divinorum chapter in Pharmako/poeia).

And I do accept fear and inability to cope with or handle the experience as perfectly legitimate reasons for not wanting to repeat it. In fact, probably as the best reasons there are. It’s not a reflection on the experient. My Salvia experiences, smoking or otherwise, are not that intense so I don’t encounter the same problem. I have had intense experiences though, namely on high doses of mushrooms>, and I have to say, if this was the only level of experience on offer to me, I reckon I would baulk at it too.

I look forward to hearing about further experiences when (and if) you have them to report. On the other subjects that we have covered, given my stated position that experience is primary, then I don’t suppose that I will have much more to add.

This is not to say that "I don’t give a shit". If, for example, someone submits to me some facts and figures (or even opinions) about third world dept, as interesting an area as this might be to me personally, it is not information that surfers come to ‘Salvia Divinorum Scotland’ to find. So it’s simply an editorial decision based on the conceived focus of this web-site.