I have not forgotten

I would be nuts to deny that my past reading and influences have not affected the way I interpret my experiences. I actually acknowledge as much in my earlier posted brief description of experiencing ‘the living temple of christ’ years ago. But this last Salvia minute was entirely different. There was no ‘working out’ involved in what I was experiencing – it was literally like a vast, impossible remembering – I was not getting the chance to process my thinking, it was a state before thinking can happen, that is always there, for us all – and Eastern philosophy made just as much sense as Western philosophy in that space. In short – they both meant jack-shit to me - superficial, laughable, insignificant monkey-babble.

As for needing reminding of that Salvia space - again and again perhaps – this is still missing the point. I need no reminder because it is here all of the time – as I said, before I think and process the world – it is here for us all. As human beings we literally avoid that ONENESS mindspace and focus down on these fragmentary views. We are so used to doing this that we take it for granted. It takes us perhaps ˝ to 1 second to build the human 3D world-model where we are all split up here on our finite adventure, and we all live in this model, a second after the ONENESS of NOW, in flowing, growing, decaying time. Now Salvia may be a great method of breaking the grip of our conditioned assumption that our model-fragmentary-world is the reality of our condition – but it is my sense that once that grip is broken – the only reason to re-take Salvia like that is if the underlying ‘truth’ is forgotten again. I have not forgotten, so I see no need to smoke Salvia again.

Now this does not mean that I reject communion with all power plants and allies. It is a question of ‘utility’ and method. As I have said before, I will explore with our pcilocybian friends again, I will occasionally commune with Mary Jane, have a voyage with ‘huasca, and a taster of mescalito. I will even munch some of the Goddess’s leaves one fine evening in a natural setting. But I doubt I will smoke her leaves again.

If all goes according to my broad current conception, I will arrive at the day when communing with power plant allies is a great big irrelevance, because I will not require any reminders at all. ONENESS will only become a mantra to me if I forget the actuality of it – the IF is the key - you seem to consider it a certainty - but I suggest in this case you are objectifying your own current subjectivity and apprehension of history. Perhaps you are forgetting all the time, and require constant reminders - because you are not really remembering at all?