On the Nature of Forgetting

At least I try to remember that Iím always forgetting, - no mean achievement in my opinion.

And what is the nature of forgetting? I said that the feeling I often get on Salvia is, "ah yes, now I remember". If (as I suspect) there are aspects of your Salvia experience that you canít recall then by definition you wonít be able to remember them. This might sound like Iím simply saying "I donít believe you" and all we can do is descend into a round of "Oh yes I can", "Oh no you canít" before reaching an inevitable impasse. But I would suggest that there is one obvious way of proving it. All one has to do establish whether or not one really does remember is simply take Salvia again. Isnít it?

You may have been caught off guard last time, been somewhat bowled over, disorientated, whatever, but this time you remember donít you? Hence no surprises. This time youíll be ready. Okay, Iím goading you (slightly), but my point here is not simply to convince you that you need to take Salvia again, but, by putting it so challengingly, to perhaps suggest that your "no need" claims are not all you want them to be.

In terms of (as it turns out) smoking Salvia, you go on to say, "this does not mean that I reject communion with all power plants and allies. It is a question of Ďutilityí and method..." - Here we may find some consensus. In particular, where those plant allies include ones that I have good experience of, mushrooms and chewed Salvia, or have read compelling accounts of, for example, ayahuasca or mescaline, in summary, where I consider the ally to be honest and true, then I am very interested in further reports of your experience.

In such cases (and I would not want to otherwise hound you into doing something you didnít want to) then my litmus test for Ďrememberingí could easily be applied. Particularly if you are prepared to try Salvia again via chewing the fresh leaf, which is my preferred method of ingestion.

You say, "If all goes according to my broad current conception, I will arrive at the day when communing with power plant allies is a great big irrelevance, because I will not require any reminders at all." [- my italics on will]

Now you might be surprised at how much I am prepared to concede on this, because if I arrived at the day when communing with power plants was not reminding me then I too would consider them irrelevant. The big difference is that I am much more suspicious of peopleís motives for dropping power plants, and that I think that there is a perfectly valid test for anyone wanting to make such a claim. Namely, that they prove that the plantís message has become irrelevant for them by communing with them, then, if indeed nothing is happening, perhaps the plants do have nothing more to say.

My doubts and suspicions however are grounded in the lesson of history. The fact that people tend to do anything other than take psychedelics [...]> leads me to wonder if the conception of the irrelevancy of communing with power plants is not simply a more of a subconscious agenda.