The two plant-allies Salvia and mushrooms seem to be able to offer complimentary experiences. Mushrooms, particularly in large doses, have provided occasional experiences of staggering intensity. A key example is the 200+ mushroom experience already written up. 

During episodes such as these it can seem as if the fabric of reality has been irrevocably altered. The experience is wholly convincing but can also be overwhelming, causing one to flip-out or react with some degree of panic. 

Strangely, terrifying aspects can add to experience, not only in terms of intensity, but also in terms of significance and meaning. A touch of terror validates the experience as real but, at the same time, aspects can be missed in the maelstrom.

My Salvia experiences often seem like an opportunity for a milder re-visitation, a chance to ask again, "what’s going on here?"

(There are some related thoughts on Salvia and mushrooms working in conjunction via a readers account 'Time Loops', back from here)