Many of my Salvia experiences (in conjunction with many of my mushroom experiences) seem to have a temporal aspect.  The meeting of a human consciousness and a plant consciousness creating something unprecedented. 

It feels like a new form of awareness is emerging into being. You are present and involved at the moment of birth of a new form of consciousness (experientially you are right in the middle of it).  It seems like the realisation of something from outside of time. It seems to relate more to something coming from the future than it relates to the cause and effect events that preceded it. - A taste of a higher / future form of intelligence.

For a moment or two you forget what you were. It could be argued, by someone outside the experience, that a drug is simply interfering with perception and memory, causing you to forget. But the experience is more like remembering who you really are and only forgetting what you are not.

This higher / future form of intelligence does not experience time in the same way that we normally do. Its mode of being is a constant realisation of the moment, a constant becoming.  So it exists outside of time, beyond the end of time. 

However, this intelligence, which will be realised as an aspect of ourselves, is capable of temporarily dropping from out of a higher dimensionality.

Another way of looking at it is that, with the aid of plant-allies like Salvia, we are capable of transcending ourselves and merging with this higher dimensionality.


Time Loops (readers experience)