It seems I'm not a Salvia hardhead. I smoked a few leaves on the Saturday night after the plant arrived, which was interesting. The first effect I got was of repeated downward pressure and a slightly trippy feeling, but not much else. Reloaded the bong, took another lungful, and then time went mental on me. I sort of found myself fighting free of a repeated moment in time that I'd been stuck in for an eternity, not knowing who, what or where I was. And then it was over; I came back up fairly quickly, not sure what the hell had happened. I called it a night after that.

A week passed; during the week I managed to recall some of what had happened, but not much. I found that smoking dope helped me to get some kind of feel for what had gone on.

But anyway. Saturday just gone. A friend came over with some of his homegrown Cubensis 'shrooms. I'd already told him about my brief trip to Salvia Space, and he was keen to give it a go himself.

His version of events:

"I smoked the salvia, and suddenly the trip was already happening. That was the most disconcerting thing about it. I was abruptly in the middle of it, without any memory of a moment when I had entered this state, or of any period of transition into it. It was as if I had woken up to find it already going on all around me.

"What was going on, specifically, was that I felt mentally dazed and physically that something was rapidly prodding at my calf and my jaw at the same time. Not painfully, but quite powerfully. Pushpushpushpush. I wanted to get my bearings, to mentally say "OK, stop everything for a moment while I regain my inner balance", but the pushing wouldn't let me. It was continuously tipping me over as I was continuously trying to right myself. Pushpushpushpush. But the sensation was already fading as I became aware of it, and within a minute it was all over.

"I felt a bit disappointed. I had read about how the trip was supposed to last for a million years, and how you were supposed to visit earlier parts of your life, and I hadn't had any of that. Or had I? I had an odd feeling that there was more to what had happened than I was remembering, that I was missing something obvious."


I didn't smoke any myself; still a bit spooked by the previous week. Instead we got on with the 'shrooms; the dried equivalent of about 40g fresh, each. Took an hour or so to come on, and then we had an hour or so of pleasant, warm trippiness, listening to All Things Must Pass and watching the room do odd things. 

The CD ended, and I put on something with a bit more of a beat. Not long after that, everything went mental again. Somehow the pair of us were plugged straight back into Salvia Space. My friend's words: "The trouble was, it didn't feel like remembering the trip. It felt like experiencing the trip. Not re-experiencing it, but being plugged straight into it.

"As if it had still been going on all this time, all these hours since we smoked, without our being aware of it."

[Course, it had been a week since I'd smoked it, but I was right back in that moment; bilocated in time.]

"Wham. Now the sudden, absolutely convincing realisation that this trip had always been going on. Even before we smoked. It existed totally outside time. It connected every experience we had ever had. It wasn't a time, it was a place, that when we had smoked the salvia we had temporarily dipped into and then come out of again. It didn't vanish when we weren't there, it was always there. An eternal now."

In brief, there were feelings of infinity, of being outside of time, of everything ever being interconnected, and rather than it all being over in a couple of minutes, both of us were there for a couple of hours (real-time) at least, and then we were up until about 5am discussing what the hell had happened. I kind of felt that the Salvia trip was a compressed trip that the 'shrooms enabled us to jump back into. And at other times we felt that Salvia had flicked some elusive synapse in our brains from 0 to 1. We came up with loads of strange theories; one of my favourites is that it's the Total Perspective Vortex from The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe.

The one idea that's really stuck is this: Salvia and Cubensis both hail from pretty much the same part of the world, right? I've been searching, and I've yet to read of anyone going back into Salvia Space through a Cubensis trip. Hell, I can't even find any reports of people combining Salvia and Cubensis. My point is that the both of us had exactly the same experience; how many people have the same effects from a mushroom trip? The question that's bugging me is: could Cubensis be some kind of gateway to extended visits to Salvia Space?

Hell, I've got more questions than answers, but I'd be interested to know if you have any particular thoughts on the matter.

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