Insane Time Loop Horror Scenario

Thanks for the fascinating account and speculations arising from your Salvia and your Cubensis experiences. - Apologies for the delay in replying.

Youíve asked some interesting questions.

Towards the end of the account you ask / speculate about the relationship between Salvia and Cubensis, and wonder if anyone else has experienced similar phenomena. I find your questions particularly interesting because Salvia and mushrooms are my two primary plant allies (though on the mushroom side mostly semilaneata rather than cubensis).

You wonder if anyone else has gone back into Salvia space via a mushroom trip, "could Cubensis be some kind of gateway to extended visits to Salvia space?" I think you may be onto something here, but, until you put it like this, I would have put it the other way round. - My personal experiences (so far) have been led by the mushroom, with Salvia seeming like a gateway to briefer re-visitations of some of the same spaces.

Now of course Iím thinking that this can be either way round. I certainly think that the Salvia experience can be intense. Its timeframe may be shorter, but it can definitely propel one into strange spaces, which, once experienced, can be recalled and re-experienced, one way or another.

In fact, Salvia seems perhaps to have more of what I would call a Ďthresholdí than mushrooms. With mushrooms one can control the dosage to get a milder effect. Take 20 mushrooms instead of 50 and you still notice something happening. Take less of an inhalation of Salvia (or chew less leaves) and it is more likely that you wont cross the threshold, that is, youíll not experience very much at all.

In my case though I had preceded my main Salvia experiences with some mushroom experiences of staggering intensity. I describe to some extent my experience on 200 mushrooms elsewhere on my web-site.  This is not a typical dose maybe, but the sheer force of it made for an experience that was unlike any other Iíd had before.

Iíve been subsequently amazed by Salviaís ability to plug me back into those states, albeit for shorter periods of time.

I said the experience can be recalled one way or another; it sounds like similar phenomena can be achieved the other way round. In your case a Salvia experience breaking you through to an experience level, which, once achieved, can be recalled via another plant ally. - Interesting that you mentioned cannabis was also giving you some feel of what went on with Salvia.

As to the experiences themselves, temporal aspects do seem to be quite common. Iíd written a bit about time travel before, but Iíve been meaning to add to this for a while now. For one thing, the experience of time looping is not something Iíve specifically written about, but it is something Iíve definitely experienced.

I was going to write about this, perhaps under an article entitled ĎThe Spectre of Insanityí, but Iíve been worried about putting too many people off. The time loop phenomena has had a horrifying aspect though, so perhaps I should try to deal with it.

Being a bit of a smart-arse I have tended to believe that I can think my way out of whatever situation is thrown up. For example, Iíve had experiences where Iíve been convinced that I have died and managed to remain philosophical about it, "so this is what dying is like".

When stuck in a time loop I tried to comfort myself by thinking, "I canít really be stuck in a time loop" or else I wouldnít be able to realise that Iíve been stuck in a time loop. The realisation of being stuck must be novel and therefore help me to break free.

However, in the midst of the experience this hasnít worked. Yes, being completely stuck in a time loop one would simply repeat action / experience, and ignorance of the fact of the loop would in this case be bliss. So my awareness of being in a loop, the fact that it was not quite a loop, maybe more of a spiral, simply added to the horror. Each replaying of the loop was in fact more unbearable than the last because the horror of the realisation was multiplying itself each time.

And I still havenít 'figured this out'. Like you say, at some point, it just stopped. - Too suddenly to really see if there was any way of figuring it out.

If I get caught again, I guess Iíll just have to try to remember that it does stop at some point (at least it always has done so thus far!). I think I may have some better strategies now, but they havenít really been put to the test. In more recent experiences I seem to have been offered (somehow) the opportunity to get into a time loop, if I wanted to. Or also (somehow) if I wasnít careful enough. So far I have not wanted to and have been wary enough to not plunge into the time loop, but to experience other interesting more enjoyable things instead.

Having said that, I do distinguish the time loop phenomena from the time bi-location phenomena. This feeling of re-entering a trip that has been going on all the time, Ė always, is pretty freaky, yeah, but the 'eternal now' seems different, more enjoyable and intriguing than the insane time loop horror scenario. Perhaps they are related, like heaven and hell. Hopefully, experience and intent can help ensure one and not the other.

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