Time Loops - Chicken and Egg Scenario

The other weekend I finally decided to face up to Salvia-space again. The previous weekend my girlfriend had tried it, with wildly different results to both myself and T. It came on fairly quickly for her; one second she was feeling nothing, the next she burst into loud, hysterical laughter. Apparently she found herself on top of a hill, at some kind of village fete. Go figure.

Anyway, the next weekend I decided to give it another go; this time with no music. One large hit was enough this time; I felt it coming on like downward pressure across my whole body. Like having warm mercury poured through me. And once again I got the insane time thing, driven on this occasion by the ticking of the clock in my living room. This time round I knew what was happening and that I wasn't stuck forever, and I managed to remain calm and ride it out; I reminded myself that time was still passing in the real world by tapping my finger against my leg in time with the clock. Although I somehow kept getting out of sync with it. And a couple of minutes later I was back in normal time.

(You're right, of course, about it being the realisation that you're stuck in time that's scary. The first time it felt like I'd already been stuck in that time loop for an incredibly long time, but that I was only just realising what had happened, and that's when I got scared and fought my way out of it. The second time round I was expecting it and managed not to panic)

Interestingly, T got absolutely nothing that night, despite smoking a lot more than me. I think he might have waited too long between hits; the best he got was a tiny bit of pressure, but nothing else.

Here's an interesting point; sometimes I see visual effects on TV that kind of remind me of Salvia-space. There's an absolute corker in Enter The Dragon, where we see a reflection of Bruce Lee walking past a row of thin mirrors that must be arranged in a kind of arc. His reflection advances along the mirrors, in broken-up chunks. Hell, it makes more sense if you see it, and there's something Salvia-like about it; a feeling of time being made of thin slices that you can only perceive while in Salvia-space.

No further shroom experiences to report, alas. We're out of Cubensis at the moment. Keep meaning to go on a Semilanceata hunt at some point. Strangely, my girlfriend also finds Salvia reminiscent of shroom experiences; she gets a lot more out if shrooms than I do, though, and has found herself in entirely different places while tripping. Bit of a chicken/egg scenario, really. Does Salvia echo shrooms, or is it the other way round? I suppose one way to find out is to ask people who've tried Salvia but never allowed a psilocybin molecule into their bodies...