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SPECIAL NOTICE: Video Download Release - You may be interested to know that I've made an large release (updated March 2006) of psychedelic film documentaries and other material available for download. Further information via MediaStories/Video


Salvia/Effects/Feedback ~ Two new experience accounts (most recent accounts appear at top of the linked page)


Salvia/Legal/ ~ new section about the legal status of Salvia divinorum


MediaStories/Government/BrettsLaw/Wiki/ ~ Wikipedia involvement re Brett's Law


MediaStories/20060930_newscientist ~ New Scientist article about legal highs

Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Alaska Radio Salvia divinorum story


June 2006
(in progress)

MediaStories/Government/Brett'sLaw ~ Recording and reviewing detail about Salvia divinorum's alleged role in the suicide of Delaware teenager Brett Chidester, including the incident's ongoing and related developments

Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Terence McKenna 'newsflash' announcing Salvia divinorum


Salvia/Images/Artwork ~ Salvia Inspired Artwork Gallery (thumbnail images link to original sites)


Salvia/Effects/Feedback ~ Two new experience accounts (most recent accounts appear at top of the linked page)


MediaStories/Video ~ New release of psychedelic film documentaries and other material available for download


MediaStories/Video ~ I have made some psychedelic film documentary material available for download


MediaStories/Government/EDM796 ~ Updated criticism of MP John Mann's Early Day Motion (EDM 792)


MediaStories/Government ~ Following from the Worksop Guardian reports on Salvia, a new section, principally interested in tracking MP John Mann's resultant Early Day Motion (EDM 792)


MediaStories/20051014_worksopguardian ~ Worksop Guardian reports on Salvia


A thoroughly ignorant change in UK law categorises magic mushrooms the same as crack cocaine (i.e. a Class A drug). Plenty of stories on this, - here's a link to one example from BBC News Website, but to keep fully abreast I recommend you set up a Google Alert see also my Media Stories section
24-Apr-2005 ScienceAndReligion/SpidersWebs ~ Spiders on Acid (and other substances)
16-Apr-2005 MediaStories/20050416_Guardian ~ Furore over 'rushed' ban on magic mushrooms
25-Mar-2005 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/Persistence ~ breakthrough experience (after nothing at first)
19-Mar-2005 MediaStories/20050202_SundayMail2 ~ First draft detail (almost line-by-line) rebuttal of Sunday Mail's story
26-Feb-2005 MediaStories/20050226_NewScientist ~ The Electric Kool-Aid Clinical Trial


Sunday 6th February 2005 - Scottish tabloid the Sunday Mail 'investigates' Salvia divinorum Scotland. - A scurrilous piece of sensationalism.  See MediaStories/20050202_SundayMail

In particular for anyone visiting the site as a result of reading the misleading article, please be aware that I do not consider or promote or sell Salvia as a cannabis substitute (in fact I give cannabis fairly short thrift on this website).


Monday 24th January 9:00pm BBC2 - Bruce Parry's excellent series 'Tribe' featured ingestion of the psychoactive Ibogaine.   For those that missed or otherwise want a copy, I've captured and converted to XviD* - Contact me if you'd like a CD-ROM (requested donation £1). See also my other plant related video material.

* - XviD is a video format for computer playback (using pretty much any media player). It also works with appropriate mpeg4 compatible DVD players.


Quotes/Wilson/Worrying and Quotes/AnonMisc/Rescue


Front / Cover page pop up navigation menu enable / disable facility introduced (now disabled by default)
- see 01-Oct-2004 for initial pop up menu announcement.


Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Part 6, final part of presentation by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna


Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Part 5 of presentation by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna

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Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Part 4 of presentation by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna (other parts to follow).


Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Part 3 of presentation by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna (other parts to follow).


Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Part 2 of presentation by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna (other parts to follow).

11-July-2004 ~ Salvia/Images ~ new detail pictures of plants

Salvia/Audio (from Salvia Menu) ~ MP3 Audio ~ Part 1 of presentation by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna (other parts to follow).

01-May-2004 Salvia divinorum Scotland welcomes further enquiries from the latest EU countries Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Malta, many to which I have already sent salvia plants.
01-Mar-2004 ScienceAndReligion/Misc/Tricky ~ is Salvia a tricky ally?
07-Feb-2004 Salvia/Effects/FirstDetail ~ a detailed first experience account
27-Jan-2004 Salvia/Images ~ link to Salvia inspired artwork
29-Nov-2003 MediaStories/20031129_Guardian ~ Report on the sale of Magic Mushrooms
16-Nov-2003 MediaStories/Video ~ Video Material available
03-Nov-2003 MediaStories/20031103_RJ ~ Salvia featured on Richard & Judy
01-Nov-2003 Quotes/McKenna ~ mp3 audio
15-Oct-2003 Experience/SalVShrooms ~ Salvia versus Shrooms
15-Oct-2003 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/Flipchart ~ experience report
11-Aug-2003 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/GroundLevel ~ experience report
11-Aug-2003 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/PeeledAway ~ experience report
30-July-2003 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/MemoryMerge ~ experience report
19-July-2003 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/Deckchair ~ experience report
26-May-2003 MediaStories/BBC/Latest ~ how it turned out - a film is made
30-Mar-2003 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/Surprise ~ experience report
29-Mar-2003 Shrooms/Committed/Discussion ~ thoughts about heroic mushroom doses and silent darkness
21-Mar-2003 Contact/OverseasImportResults ~ table of results for export to non-European countries
28-Jan-2003 Salvia/PlantCare/Hydroponics ~ Salvia can be grown using hydroponics
22-Jan-2003 Salvia/IngestionTincture ~ information about Salvia tincture added to the ingestion section
18-Jan-2003 ScienceAndReligion/Entities ~ section on Entities added with excerpt from Daniel Pinchbeck's book 'Breaking Open The Head' 
05-Jan-2003 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/TrainTracks ~ experience report
08-Dec-2002 Contact/Overseas ~ web-site language translation facilities added via the overseas info page
08-Dec-2002 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/Piggyback ~ experience report
04-Nov-2002 MediaStories/BBC/Latest ~ update on BBC contact
04-Nov-2002 Experience/FutureLanguage ~ link to article on Language and Mystical Evolution
30-Oct-2002 Experience/BeautyAndTheBeast/Terror ~ a reader's poem to set the mood
22-Oct-2002 Media Stories ~ bill seeking to outlaw Salvia introduced to US Congress
13-Sep-2002 Experience/FutureLanguage/VisibleLang ~ Gracie's Visible Language Contact Experience (+ link to McKenna article)
12-Sep-2002 Salvia/Links/ ~ link to DM Turner's On-Line 'Salvinorin' Book 
07-Sep-2002 Salvia/Links/TheSDUsersGuide ~ links to versions of 'the' Salvia divinorum User's Guide
23-Aug-2002 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/HMM ~ Holographic Memory Matrix ~ experience report
21-Aug-2002 Quotes/Glossary/Psychedelic ~ link to CSP piece on Nomenclature ~ my thoughts to follow
18-Aug-2002 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/Desert ~ experience report
17-Aug-2002 Quotes/Kennedy/WeChoose ~ we choose to do these things...
31-July-2002 ScienceAndReligion/Time/ITime ~ 'imaginary' time and the dreaded singularity
20-July-2002 MediaStories/BBC/Feedback ~ reader feedback included
13-July-2002 MediaStories/BBC ~ contact from the BBC
11-July-2002 Experience and Shamanism sections recently 'framed' ~ let me know if there are any problems
01-June-2002 MediaStories/20020531_Australia ~ more detail re the first country to make Salvia illegal
01-June-2002 Contact/DriedLeaf ~ narrative changed to include a request for dried leaf donations
01-June-2002 ScienceAndReligion/PsychologyProofSwoosh ~ response to the feedback (below)
01-June-2002 ScienceAndReligion/PsychologyProofFeed01 ~ some reader feedback on the 'proof'
21-May-2002 ScienceAndReligion/PsychologyProof ~ proof that Salvia reveals a higher reality
19-May-2002 Salvia/PlantCare/Lighting ~ photo of my artificial light set up
19-May-2002 Contact and Contact/Latest ~ various links replaced with pop-ups^ (marked^)
11-May-2002 ScienceAndReligion/PsychologyArgMore02 ~ reader feedback
06-May-2002 Salvia/Effects/Feedback ~ 'Frames' added, plus navigation options to and from the Experience section
29-Apr-2002 ScienceAndReligion/PsychologyArgument ~ is psychology failing us?
27-Apr-2002 Salvia/Links/OtherSuppliers ~ 'Frames' added
27-Apr-2002 Quotes/Glossary/Synchronicity
18-Mar-2002 Salvia/PlantCare/Lighting ~ an experiment with 24hr artificial light
18-Mar-2002 Salvia/Effects/Feedback/TalkingPipe ~ Teaching Vibrations (experience account)
10-Mar-2002 MediaStories ~ Australia set to become the first country to ban Salvia divinorum
08-Mar-2002 Quotes/Eliade/Vulgar ~ narcotics as a vulgar substitute

February 2002 ~ Migration

Note that this web-site has migrated from former address to new address  The old web-site was well known by search-engines, so most of the pages on the original have been programmed to automatically re-route to equivalent page on the new site.  If you notice the URL address switching that's why.  Also, 'Frames' have been added to improve the look and feel of the site and to assist with navigation.  The site should still be compatible with browsers that do not support frames (difficult for me to fully test but let me know if you have any particular problems).  Generally, a lot of links have been recently changed or newly added.  However, this should not have introduced any erroneous or broken links.  Please let me know if you find any; - send me an e-mail.

24-Jan-2002 /Contact/OverseasPayment ~ I now accept Euros
13-Jan-2002 /Shrooms/AM/FlyingAgaric ~ an introduction to Aminita Muscaria
16-Nov-2001 /Experience/BeautyAndTheBeast ~ new experience accounts added
06-Nov-2001 /Menu2 added
06-Nov-2001 /Salvia/Effects/Feedback/InfinitePossibilities ~ experience report
06-Nov-2001 /Salvia/Effects/Feedback/LonelyDimension ~ experience report
06-Nov-2001 /Experience/Time/TimeLoops01 - readers experience and thoughts
18-Oct-2001 /Salvia/PlantCare/Lighting ~ success under artificial light
29-Aug-2001 /Salvia/Effects/Feedback/ ~ three new experience reports from Salvia recipients
1. ~/Hollow ~ there's a lost piece in your hearts and you fit the world in that space 
2. ~/RandomThoughts ~ I couldn’t catch any of them in my memory
3. ~/Watercolours    ~ I felt like I was balancing on a tiny point swaying back and forth
18-Jul-2001  /Shamanism/Castaneda/ ~ added link to this excellent site >>Don Juan's Teachings
15-Jul-2001 /MediaStories/~SundayTimes ~ the scare mongering starts
15-Jul-2001 /MediaStories/~STReply ~ my reply to the above article
10-Jul-2001 /MediaStories/~TimesEtc ~ UK press condensations of the NYT story
09-Jul-2001 /MediaStories/~NYT ~ New York Times article.  The start of a wee media flurry.
06-Jul-2001 /Experience/SelfishIndulgence/ ~ the BiLocated dialogue extended - 'You're Not Kidding' replies
06-Jul-2001 /Quotes/Pendell/TheCrystalHighway ~ extract about the extract of Salvia from 'Pharmako/poeia'
06-Jul-2001 /Quotes/Mckenna/Prejudice ~ prejudice against psychedelics
26-Jun-2001 /Salvia/FAQ/Breakthrough ~ some tips on getting that first 'breakthrough' experience 
19-Jun-2001 /Experience/SelfishIndulgence/Reader01/MyReply01 ~ reply to experience of 'Universal Consciousness' 
19-Jun-2001 /Salvia/PlantCare/StartFAQ/WhatIsVermiculite?
17-Jun-2001 /Experience/SelfishIndulgence/ ~ the BiLocated dialogue extended and reformatted
17-Jun-2001 /Salvia/Images/MyPlants ~ pictures of my plants
09-Jun-2001 /Salvia/Effects/Feedback/Bubbles ~ 'Bubbles of Intent'
25-May-2001 /Salvia/Effects/Feedback/BiLocated ~ more feedback added
14-May-2001 /Salvia/Effects/Feedback/BiLocated ~ awesome, overwhelming, appalling 
14-May-2001 /Salvia/FAQ/ ~ mostly cross-references of pre-existing answers pulled together for easy / alternative view / search / navigation 
~ see also /FAQ/ for non Salvia questions
09-May-2001 /Books/ ~ recommended reading booklist
07-May-2001 /OtherPsychedelics/DMT/AmongAyahuasquera ~ an Amazonian adventure with Terence McKenna
05-May-2001 /Salvia/Intro~#Addictive - rewritten paragraphs with hyperlinks
01-May-2001 ~  price revision - see /Contact/Latest 


28-Apr-2001  ~  /OtherPsychedelics/ ~ a summary selection of sundry other psychedelics

28-Apr-2001  ~  /Salvia/Effects/ThoughtsOnSalvia ~ a very good summary from one of my plant recipients 

07-Apr-2001  ~  2001: A Space Odyssey ~ the obelisk is a metaphor

06-Apr-2001  ~  /Experience/BeautyAndTheBeast/ ~ are the entities real? 

06-Apr-2001  ~  /Experience/ParallelUniverses/ ~ avoiding the fall into physics

06-Apr-2001  ~  /Contact/Latest ~ dates for me being away at Easter

05-Apr-2001  ~  Price revision - no extra postage charge for EU countries! 


26-Mar-2001  ~  /Salvia/PlantCare/StartFAQ/ ~ reorganised starting/inital FAQs  

17-Mar-2001  ~  Icons added ( ~ bookmark / add the site to your favourites!), 

17-Mar-2001  ~  'paper' background added for all quoted articles

14-Mar-2001  ~  /Shamanism/Castaneda/BeingInDreaming/ ~ a succinct account of the principles of sorcery

03-Mar-2001  ~  /Quotes/Sabina/InfiniteClockwork 


28-Feb-2001  ~  /Experience/Time/ ~ the transcendence of time

28-Feb-2001  ~  /Quotes/Piaget/ ~ science and the unknown

21-Feb-2001  ~  /Salvia/Images/VsPlants ~ pictures from one of my plant-people
10-Feb-2001  ~  /Shrooms/ ~ link to Mushrooms and Man article

10-Feb-2001  ~  /Shrooms/Committed ~ added a fascinating article 

10-Feb-2001  ~  Shrooms/MoreTypes ~ descriptions of more types of mushroom (+some photos externally linked from intro page, which is <back from the MoreTypes page)

10-Feb-2001  ~  /Quotes/Blake/ ~ The Garden of Love, William Blake

10-Feb-2001  ~  /Quotes/Chaucer/ ~ Emerald Isles, Geoffrey Chaucer

10-Feb-2001  ~  /Quotes/Sabina/ ~ Sacrament, Maria Sabina

10-Feb-2001  ~  /Quotes/Wasson/ ~ Mycophobia, Gordon Wasson

08-Feb-2001  ~  /Quotes/Barron/MathsAndHoney ~ woo-woo!

08-Feb-2001  ~  /Shrooms/Definition ~ mu-mu!

08-Feb-2001  ~  /Salvia/Effects/Received  ~ others' experiences

08-Feb-2001  ~  /Experience/FutureLanguageReply02 ~ another reader replies re language

06-Feb-2001  ~  OverseasIssues ~ updated

03-Feb-2001  ~  /Salvia/PlantCare ~ more details added, environments, cuttings, watering.

01-Feb-2001  ~  end of January prices


29-Jan-2001  ~  /Salvia/Links/ ~ links to other suppliers

28-Jan-2001  ~  /Quotes/McKenna/Media ~ thoughts about the Internet

28-Jan-2001  ~  /Salvia/PlantCare ~ more details added, temperature, suitable environments, 'unhealthy' signs.

24-Jan-2001  ~  - /Quotes/AnonMisc/Psychotic ~ psychotic behaviour (a quote)

22-Jan-2001  ~  a few typos corrected

16-Jan-2001  ~  /Salvia/Images ~ links to artwork on external sites

11-Jan-2001  ~  /Salvia/Images ~ Salvia related images

11-Jan-2001  ~  /Salvia/IngestionChewing ~ additional notes on chewing Salvia

11-Jan-2001  ~  OverseasIssues 


20-Dec-2000  ~  /Quotes/McKenna/DancingMice ~ McKenna quotes section with first entry. 

20-Dec-2000  ~  /Salvia/DryingLeaf ~ brief note on drying Salvia leaf. 

17-Dec-2000  ~  /Shamanism/WhyNotEcstasy ~ why can't we cope with ecstasy? 

16-Dec-2000  ~  changes to the default text colours.

14-Dec-2000  ~  /Shooms/Committed ~ experience report.

14-Dec-2000  ~  mushroom backgrounds implemented.

13-Dec-2000  ~  silver-green leaf backgrounds fully implemented.

03-Dec-2000  ~  /Shamanism/Castaneda/ ~ summary excerpts from parts of some of Castaneda's books.


30-Nov-2000  ~  /Shamanism/TechniqueOfEcstasy ~ account of and reflections on personal experience 

28-Nov-2000  ~  /Experience/FutureLanguageFinnegansWake ~ link to Finnegan's Wake online 

27-Nov-2000  ~  front page (/index) introductory text and meta-tags optimised for search engines

25-Nov-2000  ~  /Salvia/PlantCare - significant updates

23-Nov-2000  ~  /ContactDetailStopPress - a visit to England (link no longer active)

21-Nov-2000  ~  /Shrooms/MushLang - the Mushrooms of Language re-HTMLed

18-Nov-2000  ~  /ContactDetailsLatest + scrolling marquee on front page

18-Nov-2000  ~  /Experience/FutureLanguageReply01 ~ a reader replies re language

16-Nov-2000  ~  /Experience/FutureLanguage ~ Experience section and Future Language essay: 

16-Nov-2000  ~  /Quotes/Ott/Enlightenment ~ Quotes section added: /Quotes with first entry 

13-Nov-2000  ~  some notes on the web design (link from this page): /Technical/About

09-Nov-2000  ~  external links and cross-references open new windows

07-Nov-2000  ~  /Shrooms/Intro ~ new Mushroom section, Introduction:  

04-Nov-2000  ~  /Salvia/IngestionSmoking ~ further details on Ingestion: 

02-Nov-2000  ~  Update History (this page): /Technical/Latest

02-Nov-2000  ~  link to on /WebLinks  

September-2000 ~ Site creation and initial development