Initial Contact from the BBC

I am researching a BBC Television programme which will be looking at Salvia Divinorum, its uses, effects and the experiences of people who are familiar with it.

I'm particularly keen to hear from anyone who may be interested in taking part in the programme, to talk about their experiences of Salvia, good or bad. I'm especially looking for people who live in the North of England.

Of course, I would never ask you to compromise your client confidentiality, but I would be very grateful if you could use your knowledge and contacts to "spread the word" on my behalf. Please don't hesitate to pass on my details to anyone you feel may be interested.

I want to stress that we are treating the subject matter sensitively and seriously, and there is no possibility of us adopting a sensationalist approach. It is very important that we find good participants, in order to do the subject justice.

I'm also planning to try it for myself, to keep myself as well-informed on the subject as I can. I've done a lot of reading up on this, but  I'd appreciate any additional advice you can offer to make the experience as beneficial as possible.

I hope you may be able to help.

Kind regards

Damian O'Neil
Broadcasting Centre
Barrack Road
NE99 2NE