My Reply to Initial Contact from the BBC


Hi.  Thanks for your interest in Salvia divinorum.

I'd be keen to promote serious coverage of the subject.  I'll try to help how I can, starting by 'spreading the word' to plant-people who may be of interest to you.

Do you have any further relevant information about the program?  For example, its duration.  Is it to be a short feature in a current 'magazine' style program, a section in a documentary on a wider subject, or a whole program focusing exclusively on Salvia divinorum?  Also, any information about the scheduled transmission time would be of interest, as much as anything else for the reason that it would allow me to gear up Salvia Divinorum Scotland for the consequent surge in interest.

I take your willingness to try Salvia for yourself to be an indication of your intent.  Many people say how unnervingly 'real' they find it, but Salvia expresses its view of reality through the personality of the experient, thus there is no substitute for going there yourself.

My further advice would be pretty much as per the web-site, for example, on ingestion see the page at>

Happy to talk more, ~ R

PS.  Are you familiar with Channel 4's 'Sacred Weeds' documentary series, originally shown some 4 or 5 years ago.  This is the only other 'serious' TV coverage that I'm aware of.