Further Contact

Many thanks for your reply. You've been the only person who's expressed a willingness to be of any assistance at all; most of the replies have amounted to "go away, you'll get no help from me!"

This is not surprising, given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, but that's exactly why I feel it's so important to treat it evenly, fairly and with representation from all sides.

It will be a ten-minute self-contained item within a half-hour magazine/documentary programme. This is a new series currently in production, and will be initially broadcast on BBC1 in the North of England. However, the item may also be broadcast on a number of BBC network outlets.

I am anxious that the item must not be one-sided, and so it's important that I find an experienced Salvia user to take part. I do understand people's reluctance to become involved, but if there is a case to be argued in favour of Salvia (and other ethnobotanical substances) then someone has to come on and make the case.

I got hold of some dried leaf (non-extract) this week, and will be trying it this weekend. I'm still working on my trip to Mexico...

If you would like to take this further, or have a chat about the possibility of your taking part, please let me know.