On 23rd January 2006 Delaware teenager Brett Chidester took his own life by climbing into a tent with a charcoal grill - he died of carbon monoxide poising.

Although it is not claimed that he was immediately under its influence at the time of his death, his parents have subsequently blamed Brett's previous experimentation with Salvia divinorum as cause of his suicide.

Despite the reported fact that Brett was no longer involved with Salvia - this being what he had told his parents - they rather suspect he was not telling them the truth.

Delaware state senator Karen Peterson hurriedly used the opportunity to propose "Bret's Law" (Senate Bill 259) to outlaw Salvia divinorum as a 'Schedule-1' substance in that state.

This section of the website records and reviews detail about this case, its ongoing and related developments. 

Of particular concern is seeing the domino effect - how media bias and sensationalism could spark equally bad legislation in other States.


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