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The links to media stories below are by no means an exhaustive list. To keep yourself up-to-date with breaking stories, I recommend you set up a Google Alert for yourself. You can do this for any subject you like. For example, an alert set up for keywords "Salvia divinorum" will result in occasional email being sent to you about relevant news stories . If you're interested in other subjects, for example, "magic mushrooms", then you can set up a number of alerts, one for each subject ( - note that of the two examples I've given, you can generally expect a lot more emails informing about magic mushrooms in the news than about Salvia divinorum).

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New Scientist article about 'legal highs' - mentions Salvia divinorum among others.


The Worksop Guardian reports on Salvia - Of particular concern is Bassetlaw MP John Mann's uninformed grandstanding on the issue.


A thoroughly ignorant change in UK law categorises magic mushrooms the same as crack cocaine (i.e. a Class A drug). Plenty of stories on this, - here's a link to one example from BBC News Website, but to keep fully abreast I recommend you regularly search Google News or set up a Google Alert


~ the Guardian: Furore over 'rushed' ban on magic mushrooms - Retailers to challenge class A classification


~ the New Scientist: The Electric Kool-Aid Clinical Trial - Vive la renaissance


~ Sunday Mail: The wasted civil servant - Govt.boss smokes weed and flogs it from home


~ Guardian: High times in magic mushroom business - and it's perfectly legal


~ Nottingham Evening Post - a local paper's more hysterical treatment (see above)


~ Salvia feature on C4's Richard and Judy show - whatever next!


~ Bill seeking to outlaw Salvia introduced to US Congress
~ See>>  


~ Possible BBC coverage


~ More on Australia's shame + see also>>


~ Australia set to become the first to ban Salvia
~ See >> 


~ A Parliamentary Question


~ Sunday Times

~ My Reply to the Sunday Times article


~ Independent and Times (UK) ~ 'condensations' of NYT story below


~ New York Times  


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