A new release is now available (released March 2006)

You are invited to download the following file -

Psychedelic_Visionary_Plants_Sacred_Weeds_Salvia_200603.torrent (see also http://sallyscot01.dyndns.org:49162)

- and open it with a BitTorrent client (such as Azureus).

It's intended that the new release be more compatible with different types BitTorrent software (e.g. other than Azureus) - tracker problems meant problems with the first release for some.

Note that the content of folder 'Disk01' of the new torrent will be almost the same as the complete content of the original torrent Psychedelic_Visionary_Plants_Sacred_Weeds_Salvia_20051114.torrent.

If you've already downloaded the content via Psychedelic_Visionary_Plants_Sacred_Weeds_Salvia_20051114.torrent then you can save yourself the time and effort of downloading 'Disk01' all over again by simply stopping the new torrent after its initial opening creates the new folder structure and its 'empty' files. Replace (mostly) the 'empty' files with the content you already have from previous download, start the new download again, and, after checking the file contents, your BitTorrent application should continue to work and should show the new download now approaching about halfway through (~45% perhaps).

As I suggest, 'Disk01' will be ALMOST the same as the content of previous download.  Please make allowance for the following exceptions...

Taboo-MindAlteringDrugs-NationalGeographicDocumentary.avi is a higher resolution version which I've obtained, replacing the original NationalGeographic_Taboo.avi

And there are new versions of the following...


In other words, exclude from your copy into ‘Disk01’ folder any previous download you have of…


Possible FAQs

What are the Download Contents?

Note the following 'Disk01' snapshot

snapshot of the content of 'Disk01'

The total duration of the videos on 'Disk01' alone is circa 24 hours.


Pop Up View of Full Content (Disk01 and Disk02)^


Some more information about selected content at the bottom of the page back from here.


What is BitTorrent?

There are many guides out there which explain this peer-to-peer technology.

I’d recommend starting with Wikipedia’s entry…


What are the system requirements?

My recommended client is Azureus. You will need Java on your machine, but the Azureus installation procedure will take you through that. It’s all freeware.

Further ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azureus

And, for the full download, you’ll need to have a high-speed ‘always on’ internet connection of course (i.e. broadband), preferably with unlimited download capacity, or at least with a reasonable usage allowance, not some miserly limitation such as 2GB / month (the download total file size is ~ 8.7GB ).

How do I configure for Azureus (etc.)?

It can look fiddly and initially intimidating, but you can just leave most of the settings well alone.

You might want to take the option to configure connection to the Incoming TCP listen port - some prefer to change the default port number to something in range 49152 - 65535. See - http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/PortIsBlacklisted

Generally you should ensure that your firewall is not blocking traffic on your ‘listening’ port - http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/Firewalling

e.g. for Windows XP's built in firewall see - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;308127
- plus, check this older example - http://gruven42.webhop.org/xpfwbt/xp_firewall_bt.htm (nice screen prints though not quite up-to-date for SP2).

for Router Firewalls see http://www.portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/Azur/Azurindex.htm

How long will the films take to download?

It’ll depend on the number of other people downloading at the time.

If you know about BitTorrent you’ll appreciate that it’s a case of the more the merrier. Strictly speaking, it’ll depend on the number of other people uploading, which they might be doing simply as a consequence of downloading (sharing what they’ve downloaded so far), or they might be ‘seeding’ (continuing to share after their download is complete).

Bear in mind that there’s enough material to fill a 2 x DVD-R disks (over 8.7GB), so be thinking in terms of several days rather than a couple of hours.

Bear in mind also that Azureus (and other BitTorrent clients) ‘time to complete’ estimates will always fluctuate. They can do so particularly wildly at the start. Initial indications suggesting many weeks or months to complete should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Remember also the ‘traffic light’ status can take a while to settle down too. Give the download half an hour or so, and even then don’t take any single reading as gospel.  If there are others downloading then it will pick up speed as time goes on and as your 'peers' get more of the files to share.

How long will the files be available for?

I understand concerns about starting to download something that may take several days to complete only for me to pull the plug at my end, before you’ve had a chance to finish. There may be a temptation for me to tinker with the content, for example, if I come across new material and want to include it. But if this is the case then I’ll try to do updates in a controlled manner. I’ll post update advice giving reasonable advance notice on these pages, and I’ll endeavour to keep any prior but still in progress downloads live for as long as possible.

What if I don’t want all the films?

I appreciate that you may have some of the material already, you may have got it from other sources, or you may simply not be that interested in all of it, say, if you only want the Sacred Weeds Salvia divinorum episode.

If you’re wondering why I’ve put all the material into a single torrent rather than individually, the principal reason for this, apart from my thinking that it’s all worth having, is the way that BitTorrent works.

Basically, the more people downloading, the more the load is being shared. I figure that most people will be interested in most of the material, so rather than have separate downloads, all going quite slowly, I think it’s better to try for one big (2 x DVD-R sized) download which has a greater chance of being shared.

You should know that BitTorrent file pieces download in a random order by default. If you stop having downloaded 50% of the data then this doesn’t in any sensible way mean that you can watch half of the films.

That said, some BitTorrent clients do allow you to exclude selected files. From my point of view I would encourage you to download (and hence share) all of them, but if you really only want specific files (e.g. only the Sacred Weeds Salvia divinorum episodes) then with some software it is possible to change the individual priority.

For example, one way of doing this with Azureus is to simply right-click on the downloading torrent and select 'Show details' to get the Details tab, from there select the 'Files' tab, select and right-click files you don't want and 'Set priority' to 'Do not download'.  Azureus also lets you select files before starting the download - which may be handy if your HD space is limited.

I don't seem to be able to get connected?

There were some issues with the availability of the public trackers that I used for the first release but the new release should fix these.  If you're having connection problems generally (and not just with my download) try taking a look at http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/NAT_problem

And Other Issues: http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Troubleshooting


How do I play the videos?

On your computer with your preferred media player. The video format is mostly MPEG-4 .avi files encoded mostly using the XviD codec (though there are also a handful in Windows specific or Real Player specific formats).

You may need to install the XviD codec to enable (all) your computer's media players^.  A working* version for Windows is included in the download ('XviD-1.0.3-20122004.exe' under 'CodecsAndTools/XviD Stuff' folders under 'Disk01').  The installer should enable most media players.  In other words, after running it then your 'Windows Media Player', 'RealPlayer', or (my favourite), 'Media Player Classic', should all be able to play the .avi files
(* for the latest XviD version download the latest stable binary from the following link - Koepi’s XviD link).

I'm informed that Mac users might want to search for and install a media player called ‘VLC’. This should do the trick as far as playing XviD is concerned, so maybe start with a Google search for’ VLC Mac Media Player XviD’.

The VideoHelp website is generally a good one. You can search generally for tools like Media (/Video) Players and even more specifically e.g. MacOS video tools

XviD films will also play on standalone (i.e. TV connected) MPEG-4 players.


How can I help?

It will be appreciated if you can continue to share the files for as long as possible after your download is complete. Such ‘seeding’ will help ensure overall availability. It will spread the load, and help others to download faster.

If you are really impressed with my work you can donate to my Salvia venture if you like

Any contribution will be appreciated. Nochex charge you (the ‘buyer’) nothing to send money. They charge me (the ‘seller’) a flat amount (20p) in addition to their commission percentages. Their percentages aren’t prohibitive, but their flat 20p charge will obviously have a disproportionate impact on smaller ‘donations’.

More Technical Information