I have some Salvia divinorum and other visionary plant related video material available in digital formats.

The films include TV broadcast documentaries.  While these are not commercially available I figure I should make them so for research and information purposes, as long as I can avoid copyright concerns. 

I may no longer be able to distribute such research material if copyright becomes an issue. 

Now released... the BitTorrent download

Before getting into all that you might want to take a look at...

Sacred Weeds: the Salvia divinorum episode ~ via Google Video (not as hi-res, part 3 repeated at the end in error last time I looked, but simpler overall if you just want to preview, don't necessarily want all the material, and/or otherwise don't want to get into BitTorrent)

In addition, note that I have material available on disks...

The disks:

Disk 1:

Sacred Weeds - Salvia divinorum episode (~50 mins)  - Channel 4 documentary first broadcast in 1998 - well worth seeing.
Soul Mining (~6 mins) - a short film about my relationship with Salvia - made courtesy of the BBC but never broadcast
- Apologies: the Soul Mining film is no longer available
Jungle Trip (~50 mins)*  - an Amazonian adventure in search of Ayahuasca.
Xtras - a personal selection of documentaries and movie clips

Disk 2:

Sacred Weeds - the other episodes (~ 50 mins each)
- three other episodes focusing on Amanita muscaria (the Fly Agaric mushroom), Henbane, and the Egyptian Blue Lily.

The formats:

DVD - standard DVD video format (region-free) suitable for play on most standalone DVD players.

CD-R containing high quality compressed MPEG-4 video format (XviD) for playback via your computer's media player(s) (or MPEG-4 capable standalone).

DVD-ROM containing MPEG-4 (XviD), again suitable for computer (or MPEG-4 standalone) playback, but with all the above films on a single disk rather than split over two CDs, plus packed full of loads more extras, some of which are also available for download and are listed further below.


In addition to video material, CD-R disk 1 and DVD-ROM also include an offline copy of Salvia Divinorum Scotland web-site.

* Note that the 'Jungle Trip' documentary is included on CD-R disk 2. 

CD-R/DVD-ROM disks will work on PC or Mac (tested on both) - should also work with Linux (though as yet untested).  XviD films will also work with certain MPEG-4 capable standalone players.

DVD video disks have been tested on a variety of standalone DVD players.

- will refund if you have playback problems.

The requested donation:


£5 per individual DVD video disk
£1 per individual CD disk
£3 for the DVD-ROM

Special Offer: £10 for both DVD video disks including free copy of the DVD-ROM.

Cost covers postage and packing.


10 euros per individual DVD disk.
  5 euros for both CD disks
  5 euros for the DVD-ROM

Special Offer: 20 euros for both DVDs including free copy of the DVD-ROM.

Costs include postage and packing.


Lo-Res Sample Clips: (XviD format, - you may need to update your Media player - note also the new link Google Video at the top of this page)

Sacred Weeds - 25 second introductory clip (size: 282 KB)
Sacred Weeds - 60 second Salvia divinorum introductory clip (size: 792KB)

notes on the sample clips...


Other Documentaries:

Ecstasy Rising (US PBS)

Documentary about the rise of MDMA. Particularly interesting for its expose of US government propaganda and bad science.

Extreme Celebrity – Ayahuasca (UK Channel 4)

A questionable premise – sending C-list ‘celebs’ to the Peruvian Amazon in order to ingest the psychedelic jungle brew – this program still managed to suggest something of substance in the ayahuasca experience. The original program assumed a short attention span and jumped all over the place to different groups of ‘celebrities’ undergoing different ‘ordeals’. My edit has removed such distractions, leaving only the ayahuasca story, uninterrupted.

Horizon – God on the Brain (BBC2)

Not a psychedelic investigation as such – but perhaps it should’ve been. A highlight for me is where Richard (‘Selfish Gene’) Dawkins sports a crash helmet with electromagnets attached and sits in the dark for half an hour to see if this might induce a ‘felt presence’. The only feeling he reports is that it was like sitting in the dark wearing crash helmet. – Priceless. Surely much more compelling would be to see such rationalism pitted against, say, Salvia space.

Horizon – Psychedelic Science (1997 Swedish subtitles)

Includes an interview with Kary Mullis suggesting that he wouldn’t have invented polymerase chain reactions (PCR - DNA detection method), for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1993, if he had not used LSD.

It doesn’t mention the interesting recent speculation about Frances Crick’s use of psychedelics and how this might have originally inspired discovery of the structure of DNA.

Horizon – Time Trip (BBC2)

Again, not explicitly psychedelic, but interesting to anyone who’s had experience ‘outside’ of time.

Last of the Medicine Men – Peyote (BBC2)

Benedict Allen’s two parter following the Huichol’s relationship with the psychedelic cacti peyote

LSD – the Beyond Within (BBC2)

Another two parter, particularly memorable for it’s inclusion of (then MP, now lord) Christopher Mayhew’s 1955 filmed mescaline experience and following interviews.

National Geographic – Taboo (US)

A balanced investigation of western taboo on (certain) drugs, contrasting with other cultures.

One Life – Detox or Die – Ibogaine (BBC)

Slightly melodramatic but nevertheless interesting fly-on-the-wall documentary following one man’s attempt to kick heroin addiction with the help of ibogaine. This version was originally signed for the deaf. I’ve applied masking filters to remove the signer (not that I’ve got anything against deaf people).

Animated Minds – Schizophrenia (UK Channel 4)

A short animation. Not explicitly psychedelic, but stylishly done.

Shamans of the Amazon (download)

Somewhat low budget, but interesting subject matter.

Terence McKenna – A Short Interview (UK Channel 4)

Originally appeared as part of a docu-drama called [Fatal?] Embrace

The Hemp Revolution (Australia)

A detailed documentary about the suppression of hemp. Some of the revelations about how multi-national companies (particularly the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries) have protected their vested interests should indeed inspire revolution.

The Sand People of the Kalahari (from the BBCs Life of Mammals series)

A short extract. Not explicitly psychedelic, but nevertheless altered state, and quite amazing.

Timeshift – the Cannabis Years (BBC)

Documentary on the UK phenomena on the ‘60s.

Tribe (BBC2)

The two episodes that featured tribal use of psychedelic plants from Bruce Parry’s excellent series, first shown in 2005.

The Babongo people of West Africa – part of the Bwiti faith that uses Iboga (ibogaine)

The Sanema people of the Amazon rainforest – who use virola (DMT)

General notes:

The films for download and/or included on the DVD-ROM are typically encoded using the MPEG4 compression codec XviD, though some may be in encoded differently (e.g. DivX if still in an original format as downloaded or as were sent to me). I’ve compressed or recompressed a lot of the material myself with a view to fitting as much content as reasonably possible. Some of the original material may be available less compressed and hence at a higher viewing quality. I try not to overly recompress anything beyond the point where quality suffers too much, but you’re welcome to send me an email if you’re interested in anything in particular.  In some cases the original format was DVD video, and in any case it's not out of the question to convert to it.