Sample Clips Notes

The sample video clips are low resolution small screen size versions.  I recommend setting your Media Player's View Video size to 200%.

Note that the video size and resolution on the available CD-R disks is much higher.  All the main films on disk will look good at full screen size. 


Your computer requires the XviD codec. If you haven't got this your system is not going to be able to play the videos.  However, some media players may be able to play XviD video without requiring you to specifically install the XviD codec.  XviD is an open source format, so recent versions of your preferred media player may have automatically included XviD capability without the need for you to do anything (though probably not if your only player is Windows Media Player). 

If you are in any doubt, not only if the video simply won’t play or plays sound only, but also for example if the video doesn’t look quite right – weird colours – jumpy video – audio sync problems – anything like that (I mean, apart from them being small screen size), then there’s no harm in reading the notes linked on the page back from here [to update your media player] and making sure of XviD installation.