Everyone has heard of cannabis, it is not my intention to say too much about it here.  However in the context of this Salvia focused website it is worth mentioning that I get a lot of questions of the nature "how does Salvia divinorum compare to cannabis?" 

Well, to cut a long story short, I maintain that there is no real comparison.  Salvia's legal status has more to do with it keeping so far out of mainstream attention than it is a reflection of its relative strength. 

Most people with experience of both cannabis and salvia will confirm that a breakthrough Salvia experience is far more intense.

My experience with cannabis has been that I have always found it a somewhat too cosy experience.  Maybe as a form of escapism and stress relief it compares favourably to using alcohol, but its use as a tool for 'seeing' is limited.  

I have always felt as if a comfortable mood is being imposed on me with cannabis, and the idea of any kind of mood being imposed on me makes me uncomfortable.  

True psychedelics have a touch of terror> about them.

Not only that, but you should be able to remember where you put your keys ...>

True Power Plants...> ~ cross-reference to some further comments  

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