Mathematics and Honey consciousness did enter - literally enter - into a daisy, and that little adventure permanently altered my reality orientations, particularly when it comes to the usual lines of distinction between animate and inanimate. 

The crown of the daisy is a perfect logarithmic helix. My eyes followed that spiral, around and around, until - pop! - I actually went into the flower. 

What was it like in there? ...It was a subterranean cathedral made out of mathematics and honey, and occupied - this is the amazing part - by an almost palpable intelligence.

You can't talk about something like that without sounding like a lunatic, but let me confess that when I learned that every daisy in every field possesses an identity just as strong as my own, it radically changed my life. 

Now, a man-made bean can is hardly a living plant, but what I've come to appreciate about inanimate objects, aside from their utilitarian beauty, is the whisper of the infinite in each and every one of them. 

I'd better shut up now before the woo-woo alarms go off.

~ from an interview in HT magazine June 2000