Dancing Mice

Terence McKenna talking about mushrooms at St. John the Divine's Cathedral, Synod Hall, New York, April 25, 1996

"We have a symbiotic relationship with something, which has disguised itself [...] so as not to alarm us. 

What's happening is that something, [not] easy to name [...], is reaching out toward us. 

It could be the Gaian Mind, it could be the Oversoul of Humanity [...] It could come from the dead. [...] whatever this thing is, it keeps itself masked. 

I've literally had the experience on mushrooms of saying to it, "Show me what you are, for yourself." 

Well, it's like there's this enormous organ chord, the temperature falls, black velvet curtains are raised 

-- and after about 20 seconds of that, I'm saying, "That's enough of what you are for yourself! 

Let's go back to the dancing mice..."