In Love with the Journey

"People are in love with the journey.  People love seeking answers.  But if you were to suggest to them that the time of seeking is over and that the chore is now to face the answer, now that's more of a challenge! 

Anyone can sweep up around the ashram for a dozen years while congratulating themselves that they are following a path to enlightenment.  It takes courage to take psychedelics - real courage.  Your stomach clenches, your palms grow damp, because you realise that this is real - this is going to work.  Not in 12 years, not in 20 years, but in an hour! 

What I see in the whole spiritual enterprise is a great number of people supporting themselves in one way or another on the basis of their lack of success.  Were they ever to succeed these enterprises would be all but put out of business.  And no one is in a hurry for that."

- Extract from a Terence McKenna interview with Neville Drury [...]
- for ‘Nature and Health’ magazine (published in Australia, 1990)