50 minute (in total) presentation on Salvia divinorum by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna

Split into the following parts, each part at 16 Kbps, size as indicated.  Suggest right click, save as, to download to your hard drive..

Part 1 ~ Introduction, the chewing method and experience (1.3MB ~11 minutes)

    also including mention of smoking, mention of the experience being of time and dimension, mention of the duration of the chewing experience.

Part 2 ~ The plant, where it grows, what it looks like (0.9MB  ~8 minutes)

    including Terence McKenna opting himself out, mention of supposed synergy with cannabis, mention of preferred environment, soil, watering needs, light etc.

Part 3 ~ Chemistry (0.9MB ~8 minutes)

    extraction (starting with a question from Terence) - not too much detail on extraction imparted, the speakers keen for people to try the untreated leaf first and keep Salvia from too much unwanted attention from the authorities.  Some noise at the end of this section.

Part 4 ~ Intense Experience (0.6MB ~5 minutes)

    stuck on a gigantic wagon wheel, am I ok, are you ok?

Part 5 ~ Questions (1.1MB ~9 minutes)

    more reference to extraction, more on the plant, mention of flowers & seeds, cuttings, dried leaves, history / discovery of its activity.

Part 6 ~ More Discussion (0.7MB ~6 minutes)

    more technical discussion on the isolation of salvinorin, further suggestion to try untreated leaf.  Some background noise esp. at the start of this section.