Light at the Centre of the Universe

Thanks absolutely loads for the sample leaf.  I smoked it all in one session, and the results were...  not quite what I expected, but still pretty nice nonetheless.

At first there was nothing happening and I thought it had all been hyped way out of proportion, but then when I finally sat back and just 'went with the flow', some cool stuff began.

Firstly my cat and I seemed to have some kind of mind connection for a couple of minutes, and then there was only the light from one candle in the room - and before long, the flame became the centre of the entire universe. When I realised this, the room almost seemed to morph into a circular formation around the flame.

The only problem I had was that my dog was in the room and kept distracting me from wherever I was going, like every time he moved or fidgeted I would 'snap back' into reality.  After a while I got annoyed and sent him upstairs out of the way, but by then most of the effects had worn off anyway.

Afterwards, I definitely got the feeling that there was much more to see, but this session was maybe not ideal.