Sitting in a Desert

I've tried Salvia divinorum three times now. On my third attempt, I very definitely achieved what you might call a breakthrough. It was a very profound experience, which I'll attempt to describe to you in everyday terms, although there could never be enough words in my vocabulary to adequately relate to you what I felt. I've no doubt that you know what I mean....!

After the third inhalation, I closed my eyes and felt an enormous buzzing sensation which rose throughout my body from the feet up. It then became a powerful tugging, which went off into one direction, and my whole body was then "extruded" by this tugging, and I stretched out into infinity, almost into a singularity, into a horizontally-spinning vortex which was swirling away into the depths. I then saw the cells of the plant leaf, as if under a microscope, swirling in a very pleasing manner, which then became a series of fractal patterns of every colour in the visible spectrum. I also saw some colours I've never seen before, but of course that makes no sense whatsoever....!

I then found myself sitting in a desert, under a starlit sky, with a warm wind blowing around me. There was a female present, but I don't know who she was. I was then very disappointed when the whole thing vanished, and I found myself sitting on my friend's settee. It had lasted four or five minutes. It took another twenty minutes to really come down, and then a couple of hours before I would have even contemplated anything like driving. My friend, who acted as sitter, also tried it (it was his third attempt too) and had a similarly profound experience; he also reported finding himself in a desert, which was very interesting.

Throughout, we were listening to music, including instrumental house music for the main event, followed by a range of stuff including late Billie Holiday, which evoked a powerful emotional response.

To sum up, we both found it a truly amazing experience.