"Ground" Level

I have tried smoking the leaves on a couple of occasions before last and only received what I could only describe as a mild woozy feeling, more akin to being slightly tipsy and even this I thought could be a placebo effect due to me "trying too hard" to feel it.

Now, last night I tried again, with a slightly larger amount than before, but still well within the amounts I have read people recommending to get an effect.

I have experienced what you may call "altered realities" before, so I was expecting to recognize some effects when they came on, last night however was like nothing I have experienced before!

I loaded up my bong and took a long drag and held it in. Thirty seconds or so later I felt what I had previously felt, slight head-change, a bit woozy, but nothing out of the ordinary. So, I light up again and take a second deep drag.

What happened next is very difficult to put words to, but I'll try anyway! I was sat on my sofa and suddenly I knew that the floor around my feet was beginning to rotate, I couldn't see it rotating, I just "knew" that it was, so I took myself down onto the floor and laid down.

I closed my eyes whilst lying on the floor and almost instantly I had an urge to open them again, and when I did I knew exactly where I was but I had no idea as to where that place was in relation to anything else?! I'll try and explain. I knew that I was in my lounge in my flat with the curtains and door closed, but I desperately was trying to remember what was outside the door and window, but I just drew a blank, as far as I could tell, the only things that existed was me, my lounge and its contents. I had moved to "ground level" somewhere (I live in an upstairs flat) but it was if this "ground level" was in some infinite space that couldn't actually have a "ground", a bit like trying to find the end of the universe and sit down on it!

At this point I started to panic, not greatly, but enough for me to start worrying whether my room would ever get re-located back into the real world. I tried to sit back up and I was still lying on my back, but I could only lift my head and shoulders off the ground, I was stuck!

Then I noticed that I could hear voices, I'm pretty sure that they were there all along since the experience started, so I tried listening to them. I could tell that the voices were inside my head, but at the same time they were coming from outside my lounge door. It was a large collection of voices, all of which I recognized as people I know, but I couldn't actually recognize any of them individually, it was just a collection of chatter. Then, I did recognize one of them, and although still inside my head, this one was definitely in the lounge with me. I listened carefully and it was the voice of my mother, but it was her voice from years ago. I couldn't make out any of the words, but it was a feeling that I knew it was the voice of my mother from years ago, as if it was something I was being told when I was a small child.

Then suddenly all the voices stopped. I looked up, and I remember seeing my arm-chair, but it didn't look right. The back of the chair became dislocated from the rest of it, as though it sheared off into another plain. This only lasted very momentarily and its very hard to explain, but the Salvia experience was definitely coming to an end. Then it all ended. I was back, and I knew where I was, and everything was back to normal.

I didn't look at a clock before or after, but Im sure that the whole experience didn't last more than five minutes at the most. I lost all concept of time, but it could have quite as easily lasted 5 seconds as 5 hours.

Overall, the  feeling that I was left with of my first experience was a deep uncomfortableness, I would say fear, but that is too strong a word. I think that next time I try Salvia, it will be as I have seen recommended, and to use a sitter. I think that my "fear" during the experience came from me not wanting to truly "let go".

It has not put me off trying it again as it has definitely opened some doors into my mind for me. But, I think that as I was on my own, something deep inside of me was trying to pull me back into reality almost as soon as the experience started, which is what caused my "fear".

Anyway, sorry if I've been babbling, but I felt a need to recount this experience to someone, and I think that getting it down has helped me understand a few things more fully!