Holographic Memory Matrix

Thanks loads, the plant arrived fine this morning, looked a little peaky as I unpacked it but with a little light and water it perked up just fine.

Thanks as well for the sample, I hadn't been as interested in smoking it since I had a dozen or so times before a year ago, with little effect, but decided that well I'd try again. The first 2 or so smokes, did more than last year but still not what I'd heard people comment on, and then the last one I had!

Instantly I was just gone, more intense than any other hallucinogen I've had. Everything seemed to turn into the most vivid dream, encompassing everything in me, and everything physically around me. As my friend put it - holographic memory matrix. Things like, I was sitting here eyes open, my leg turned into part of this field, changing color to a browny green, and glowing like that vivid dream feeling, I was walking along the edge of the field with someone who turned out not to be anyone.  And every time I tried to shape it, as if it were a lucid dream, something seemed to pull me back down, down to the left, as if it didn't want me to do what I wanted.

I was literally stunned by the effect it had. And the duration! I didn't expect anything but DMT to be capable of doing something that short-lived and profoundly huge as it were.