For my first try I took the advice I have been given from various articles on the web and chose a dark, quiet, comfortable place - namely on my bed at night. I initially tried a small amount and lay back. The feeling was one of general fuzziness and a certain dislocation from 'reality', but other than that it was unremarkable. Twenty minutes or so later, however, I had another crack - this time with substantially more.

I'd like to relate the experience to you as I feel it was probably the most extraordinary thing that's ever happened to me for a number of reasons.

The effect on the second try was almost immediate. Before I had even had time to lie down I felt a complete change in my self. As I close my eyes I saw what seemed to be women, dressed in white, talking to each other saying the I "was ready". At this point I realised something unusual was happening and as I became slightly uneasy I drifted back into normal 'reality'. It was at this point that I realised what the articles meant when they said that you have to learn to use Salvia properly and that you must be completely relaxed to experience the effects fully. Unusual that one must concentrate on relaxing! Having tried a few hallucinogens before though I soon managed to achieve a mental state where the initial effects resumed.

The next stage I felt was being on an orb of no definite colour or size. I remember distinctly passing around the sphere in a vertical stance, in a state of weightlessness. The impression was given that this represented time passing. In addition to this to my left and right I saw and felt what can only be described as individual transparent partitions separating different choices of my possible realities. Here I think the message was that although we pass through time making choices that give us a series of experiences, (the linear procession that we call life) there are in fact infinite possibilities occurring concurrently.