When I had my first experience of Salvia I had previously smoked a little cannabis that day. My mood was one of slight apprehension but I felt more excited than fearful. I followed the advise of others who went before me, I had a sitter and a nice comfortable setting.

I first smoked one bowl of our water pipe, unsure of my personal dosage level. I felt my awareness shift and sharpen slightly, I sat back and waited for the great tide that I had read so much about to come and wash me away, but nothing. I sat up and asked my sitter to fill another bowl of the water pipe for me; I could feel the tickle but nothing more.

I took the second lungful and felt my consciousness/awareness shift further. I quickly lay back across the couch. I became aware of my interlocked hands on my chest (I later read that Salvia causes the muscles to contract, especially those in the hands). I became aware of edges, and how they are not really hard and straight as they look. In my minds eye I saw a close up of the particles rocking back and fore in arcs around each other.

Green became the dominant colour in the mental pictures and fractals. I became aware that my head and feet, my body felt like it stretched down and up forever. I felt like a plant, a Salvia plant. I was an internode, two leaves on a stem that stretched to infinity. She showed me a gleeful and almost mischievous side to her nature.

The sensation was pleasant and exciting, and although I was the plant I was still aware of where I was in this world. I quickly came round to myself again, although time and gravity took a little while to sort themselves out into their usual patterns.