A Pleasant and Intriguing Introduction 

I filled the bowl of a water pipe with a medium sized leaf and inhaled both quickly and deeply, holding my breath for a reasonable amount of time.  As I was finishing my inhalation I had already started to notice the initial effects.  

I could describe the initial onset as being similar to that of mushrooms although it was obviously different.  I felt a mushroom like grin being spread across my face, my eyes widened, I gazed around the room for a brief moment took some deep breaths and shut my eyes, they seemed to flicker uncontrollably.  I saw tunnel like images materialising and fading.  I tried entering one but couldn't go very far, I seemed distracted by all the other things.  It was then I realised this plant appeared to have great potential as a shamanic tool. 

I had a brief vision of what I could only struggle to describe as an abstract like part of Van Gough's Irises with little distorted spots over it.  I also achieved a feeling of balance and oneness, then I saw what resembled a Salvia plant sprouting upwards as if within my head and splitting symmetrically in opposing directions.  

I had lots of really nice feelings and a sensation of balance, my mind drifted off contemplating the possibility of their being a darker side their also, although I did not really see this!  

I occasionally got glimpses of 'somewhere', and my vision and feelings seemed to expand and contract (while my eyes remained shut), often my visions seemed to break up or be distorted by other ones.  I felt pleasant sensations of smoothness and a gentle lifting feeling, thinking of how my thoughts felt like they were running through my head like a streams and waterfalls.  

As you mention somewhere  I also had 'parts' of mushroom 'moments' recreated under her effects.  

Salvia offered me a pleasant and intriguing introduction to her effects and I look forward to further exploration.  I definitely felt aware of a plant entity being present, and was surprised to tune in so easily the first time.  The effects lasted for around half an hour, which was quite strong, although not overwhelming, I carried on noticing mild effects for quite a few hours after.