Past trips summary - 0.4 – 0.6mg range smoked

  1. Pulled straight down headlong into ‘flavour’ of some moment in childhood. The cat blended into the rug Louis Wain wallpaper style.
  2. Amazing. Eyes closed = emergent consciousness in pram/cot? Eyes open = opening into now, no time between. Clear experience of the esoteric meaning of Om Mani Padme Hung.
  3. Somewhere else completely – being a puppet on a chair, wooden, jointed, slack strings, unable to move, no emotion. Puppeteer standing nearby, carnival/fairground atmosphere. Not very pleasant from a human point of view.
  4. Tried to guide this one (followed on directly after 3) as I was uncomfortable with the emotionless, passive helpless tone of the last. Concentrated on opening up heart chakra – was drawn down through the other levels to a memory of my step-grandfather at the lowest – muladhara; there was the dark red of his chair in sharp contrast to his very white hair. Disturbing, but personally useful. Also, I felt as if I had called attention to myself by attempting to impose my own controls on the salvia experience.

Salvia report 03-April-2001 – 0.5mg salvinorin A – in susceptible individual via smoking

Not much happened. For some reason it seemed I was resisting the ‘pull’, even though I had no intention of doing that. It sort of came to me that the resisting was being imposed by the trip (if that makes any sense). I physically turned around to look out of the window, and could feel the line of pull down my left shoulder, and was for the first time aware of entities ‘pulling the strings’ on that side (R always gets this with smoked high doses) – sort of Andy Pandy overtones, pulling me back into childhood. Pulled away, and tried to take back control of the ‘tingle’ or ‘line’ to the centre of my back and upwards, raised it and opened my eyes onto the sun shining through the window.

Usually I (and everyone else I’ve spoken to who’s tried it) feel good after Salvia, sort of calm, bright, energised. Nothing like it. I felt tired, and as if the whole trip was unfinished somehow. Went to bed early, and about three hours later, while I was asleep, the Salvia ‘grabbed’ me again – intense, almost painful tingle both side of my back, crushing inward, with a lot of panic. Tried to wake up, tried to call R, but couldn’t, so relaxed into it – conceded. Was released, then a few seconds later, grabbed again, and this time managed to call out and wake myself up/R woke me up.

Feel like a kitten that’s been picked up by the scruff and given a bit of a shake for being too forward.