Memory Merge

When I first received the sample I couldn't wait to try it. I took my bong out (which has a rather small bowl - I need a bigger one really), packed it full, and smoked it, holding the smoke in for as long as I could. I did the same again and I almost immediately felt an effect from it. The first noticeable effect was the sound of the music I had on changing slightly and a feeling all over my body that I've never felt before, its too hard to explain with words really. Visually things to the left and right of my eyes looked blurry. I was sitting at the computer at the time and in the corner of my eye I could see the TV and also my arm and the colour from the TV and my arm then seemed to merge together and I started to get excited about it then. I was pretty sceptical about salvia before and now I knew it was definitely having an effect on me. I smoked another bowl (maybe 2) and then laid in bed staring at the pattern on the wall feeling kind of dreamy/mellow and almost in a trance like state and ended up falling asleep.

A few hours after waking up I decided to smoke some more. I got a similar effect as before, a dreamy/spacey feeling, with really mild colours seeming to appear when I looked at a plain white wall, kind of similar colors and patterns you would see if you looked at a light for too long then looked away. I started to think that maybe this is just what Salvia did, but I've read so many stories of people being in another reality after smoking it. I think you can guess what happened next time I smoked it!

It was night time by now, and I crushed up some more leaf and had a little pile that I was going to smoke all of, but I didn't even get through half of it before I was whisked into another world. I packed one bowl, smoked it and started feeling the familiar effects again. Then I packed another bowl and smoked that. The next thing that happened was one of the wildest experiences I've ever had. I don't even remember putting the bong down and it completely overwhelmed me unexpectedly.

I was no longer in my room, well obviously I was physically, but mentally I was in another reality altogether. I was on what seemed to be a train station platform, and there was people all around me. I seemed to be lost, looking for someone, my mum possibly, I'm 20 right now, but this felt like I was a lot younger. It felt as though I had merged with a memory or something like that, like I was taken back in time almost or to some other existence. Its difficult to describe exactly what I saw with words.

When the intensity started to wear off I felt like talking out loud to someone but I looked around realising I was in my bedroom, and it felt strange because nobody else was in the room and just moments before it felt as if there was people all around me. I don't know how long all this lasted as I never noted the time or anything beforehand as I was not expecting this at all! 

I also remember feeling as if I was falling and being pulled to the right as I sat on my chair, and the back of the chair produced a warm feeling all up my back, like it had merged with my back.
After it wore off I still felt the dreamy/spacey effects and I sat there astounded at what had just happened. For the duration of the effects I was completely lost in another reality, another time, another place, everything in my room was no more. When the strong effects were wearing off I also realised my eyes had been open throughout the "trip" and that blew my mind away as well. I couldn't get over what had just happened. I was so excited about it and started telling someone I was talking to online and spent the rest of the night thinking about it, wondering where I had traveled to, and what it meant.

Soo, that was my first couple of experiences with it and I cant thank you enough for introducing me to it. It truly was a unique experience and I loved it. I cant help but wonder where it will take me next.