This is definitely not what I expected it to be. More research is definitely needed!

I thought I would share my journal entry with you.

Salvia Divinorum Extract - 4/15/06

We are not who we appear to be. Reality is not what it is commonly supposed to be. I was graciously and mercifully allowed to return to this reality (ha!) under the condition that I would not leave again to that place, and that I be happy.

With the normal psychedelics, the world is still the world and you are still you. The walls melt, your body dissolves, yada yada, but in comparison with Salvia there is still a huge distiction between observer and observed.


There is no center of reference. Your idea of who you are is a JOKE to them. You struggle to put the pieces back together and they mock your identification with your human form.

This is all a show. They all want me to be happy. "They", in fact, seem friendly, family-like; possibly using my own memories and attachments to communicate with me.

There are infinite, or at least numerous, numinous parallel realities, each with it's own "you" with your same name and social security number and life. Salvia rips you from your temporal configuration and lets you revisit the timeless place beyond. The state of pre- and post-mortality. When we return from this Salvia realm, which lasts about ten minutes in normal time, we have not necessarily returned to the same world that we left, but one of the other nearly limitless possibilities. I'll say that once more because it's a little sketchy at first glance. I may not be the same Jeremy that last spoke to you. The friends that I left may not be now reading the blog of the same Jeremy that left them!! I may have been reordered in a reality that was more condusive to my happiness.

Thank you, Great Beings!


Perhaps during daily life, small aspects of ourselves are traded with our parallel selves. We think we have dropped or aquired a habit, we have merely traded. We make small decisions all the time. Watch closely!

(here comes the skeptic)

But are we really a show for these beings? Do they find amusement in my happiness, or does my contentment simply make their operation run smoother? Could they be predatory over us in one way or another? Nothing about them seems especially "holy" or even good. They could be deceiving us, drawing us ever closer to them in time. Could it be that they fear me? My power, curiosity, ability to expose them? Either way, they could easily destroy me. Were I to depart again, they could simply refuse to reassemble my coordinates, thus rendering me a dissociated retard for the remainder of my physical life. So I have no choice but to relax more and be happier. What will be, will be : )

Also, aside from my countless others, I found that "I" am actually composed of other beings. Six or seven of them it seems. I recognize them instantly as being eternally familiar, yet strange and alien all the same. This may be the reason that they want us to be happy, so they don't have to "carry around" miserable people.

As for the actual structure of real reality and being, it is unquestionably beyond description. We simply have no common vocabulary for this type of thing. The closest I can come to description would be to say that the several beings that compose me, are like swinging, twisting, rotating edges that all line up to form the illusion of Me. Perhaps these beings are the chakras.

But this linear description is beyond vague. Do it and see for yourself. Salvia Divinorum extract. Available at your local smoke shop. Take a huge, full hit. Slowly exhale. Say goodbye!