Something to do with the universe

I wanted to let you know one of my recent experiences...

This was the first time I had 5x, I was a little anxious, as I seem to be sensitive to salvia, normal leaf smoked through a bong with a normal lighter seems to do it for me. So I only used a small amount of 5x.

Shortly after finishing I lay back in bed, I felt the familiar twist, but had no visual hallucinations, so I closed my eyes, but the last image of my room I saw just before closing my eyes was still with me.

I heard a deep male voice, but I do not recall what it said, then I was aware that I was being peeled away from the image of my room, being peeled and 'stretched' off of reality, like blu-tac. My body had also left an 'imprint' on reality, as if there was almost a jelly mold of me... I would like to draw the image I still remember, but a 2 dimensional or even 3 dimensional image wouldn't 'fit'.

I felt several slight pains in my body which I hadn't noticed before, and these areas of me in pain were holding me to reality while the rest of me was being pulled off, it was as if my physical pains were all that was attaching me to 'reality'. As I started to return to reality it was as if I was returning to my 'jelly mold', fitting back into place, the pains seems to fade.

All in all it was a positive experience although my description may sound negative! 

I wish I could remember what the voice said, I remember it was something to do with the universe, but can't for the life of me remember what.