Piggy Backing

I have been quite interested in the idea of piggy backing salvia with another drug & so choose cannabis. This was in part due to obvious safety but I also had other reasons for this choice. I do not in general mix cannabis with other psychedelics because although it is clearly a amplifier to psychedelics – often a two way one, it does of course impart it’s own properties. Generally if the drug you’re taking is a good one & the dose is high enough there is no need & it can detract from the clarity of a trip & effect recall etc. It is also often euphoric & I was hoping it might displace Salvias dysphoria; not that I necessarily avoid difficult trips or just want a good time but I was wondering if the negativity of the state was stopping me being able to move or work with it.

I took a reasonable but not excessive dose of hashish prepared in oil on an empty stomach & allowed it time to begin it’s climb & at perhaps 1-1 ½ hr began chewing my five pairs of  good sized fresh salvia leaves and lay down in the dark in my bedroom.

At some point I remember standing & seeing the duvet as someone in the bed – perhaps this was when I got up to spit the green clod out of the bedroom window – also at some point I felt someone behind me – but this peripheral misreading is not uncommon during the rise of an intense oral cannabis experience.

I suddenly got the feeling of recognition of salvia space; there are entities curving reality – I am with them helping to hold this arc.

A new arc – a building? – a feeling of recognition again. Not déjà vu but like a memory. As before I am not terribly convinced it is my memory at all; more that recognition is triggered in my brain.

There is another twist – I try to bring something of salvia space over into normal space/time but see where this slides down to nothing. It can’t be done. ‘There’ seemed real/normal as does ‘here’ – I felt the trip was the twist between these worlds.

I heard “Is he..?” and a laugh down stairs as people had just arrived and they had been told I was tripping. Suddenly the door flew open and my friend barged in saying “how’s it going?”. This was all a little dream-like, I got the idea of a Morlock silhouetted in the door. I think I said something along the lines of “er fine I’ll be down in a bit” and he left taking the light with him.

I went through another arc –a book? Room? - trying to see what could be taken across it – it could not and I felt I had some inkling as to why so decided to go down and explain it to everyone.

I went downstairs; I felt almost normal in one sense but there was certainly a generalised disassociation. As I explained my current sensations I realised I was still pretty well in it. I start trying to explain the mechanics of salvia space and it’s junction/cross-over line with ‘reality’ hoping it can be recalled later with their aid. Suffice to say a lot of this did not translate; I spoke about the energy cord passing through my body. The draught from the front door was connected to my left hand as a solid entity, my right connected to the wall. In some ways I think this was a junction between three-dimensional and two-dimensional.

It occurred to me and relates to my previous glossolalia and some of my other babbling fits on salvia, that I act as medium – a shamanic translation device.

I decided to go back upstairs to my bedroom and the dark again. The cord passing through/past me was felt as a powerful force in a state of bliss, an internally rotating band in some form touching me with its energy. I was being allowed a brief look at salvias inner identity.

I’d read about DMTurner questioning the shamanic wisdom of mixing certain drugs like dmt with salvia. I did wonder about cannabis but got the feeling that salvia did not mind since although cannabis is a magickal plant it has little or no personality. “My mood” if I had one as such was not dysphoric so that was a success although I’m not sure how amplification worked here or how much of this trip was due to the cannabis – I feel it added elaboration and colour perhaps. Also it was suggested that the come up from cannabis in which the thought processes seem to speed up & expand allowed me to see what was going on. It slowed the trip down (I don’t know if this would work as well with a smoked trip). I could sense the moving scales within the twist/cord. Salvia appeared as the line between worlds.

Salvia seemed amused in a kind way that although she (this is the first time salvia has felt feminine) had shown me her identity my attempts to translate were of course doomed to failure. She seemed to ‘sail’ off and I got the strange impression salvia was wearing a green hat as she went. (!) This had a fairy tale feel.

I really don’t know how much of this actually happened and how much is interpretation after the event.

In retrospect I have been in the salvia-bliss before after very high doses of smoked (x20) and tincture but was too disassociated to recognise it perhaps. I was deeply satisfied with the trip since I felt an acceptance or at long last some sort of alignment with salvia.