What a Surprise!

After reading info on the web I was sceptical of anything significant happening below a breakthrough experience.

Oh My God what a surprise!!!! 

That was normal leaf?....Crushed 4 leaves and smoked maybe almost half of it in one bucket. It was a very smooth smoke for me. The taste seemed reminiscent of plain cannabis leaf..............then........the speed of light took over ....................I was a slabbering wreck pfffffff.

Felt her presence come on instantaneously, altered dimension. Time displacement. Utter sensory confusion. Aware of multiple personalities, entities and communicating with them sublingualy.

Then a sense of fear verging on paranoia, generated by what I would describe as an awareness of perceived alienation and loss of control. The motor connection effect is funny and I can see how people might have accidents. I resisted the chemical and tried to pull myself back to normal awareness (or forward and left as the case may be).  Adding to that I had a physical sitter I was concerned of being aware of. This felt antagonistic to the experience but better safe than sorry eh. We did have a fine time relating the experience and observing each other under the influence.

Salvia kept trying to usher me off to become more acquainted with the others and explore eheheh.... of course the duration of the high brings you back quick.

Amazing body effects and oohhh!! what a head space. Awesome visuals and utter ecstatic hilarity when I made contact with my sitter again. Although I could see my sitter for most of the trip my mind was so busy and perplexed I could barely communicate with him. Only when the peak had left me was I able to relate to him enough to communicate coherently and verbally.

It was a threshold experience characterised mainly by hovering between two worlds.

Except for the initial submerging of the senses, my visual field, all be it vivid, generally kept reference to normality with only peripheral suggestive hallucinations. I was though, very much aware of a strong sense of this other space. Being manifest as the feeling that there was no normal space or even a room behind my body and visual field (doh! I sat in a chair and not on the floor, as suggested by many). Physically and mentally torn between needing to get up and stay in the normal world or being glued to the chair and submerging back into the apparent void that was behind me.

Left me in a cold sweat, gently chastised, humbled and astonished.

Am sure it's relative to the predisposition of the individual, setting and dosage. The general consensus seems to be that the active chemical lock-on or altered state, at most, hits baseline at about fifteen minutes to half an hour, but I experienced many residual effects for quite some time to come e.g. insomnia, which I get anyway but was exaggerated in the aftermath of the experience, (although it seems to be a dreamtime facilitator some people use before bed) slight spatial distortion, colour enhancement, third-eye visuals and of course a sense of wonder and rebirth.

Also the typical yin and yang post trip feeling of what I would roughly describe as neurochemical flood and drain, free radical exhaust etc (leaving you at least feeling fragile if not possibly irate or susceptible to stress in some situations that present themselves through social interaction).

This is to be expected in my opinion, considering the dynamics and nature of the beast so to speak. I don't mean what I say to be misconstrued as negative, just observation and comment, from a toe in the water experience. I reckon you know where I'm coming from. Thanks for the introduction to such a fine tool of nature. Scary ahha. No wonder it isn't a thing of abuse. Something to be respected and not irresponsible with.