Teaching Vibrations

You certainly should give out a 'do not operate machinery while under the influence' warnings with your plants.

It felt like my body vibrated in different directions all at once. Though I thought I might be able to lift up, due to bodily lightness, I decided to stay put on the sofa. It was difficult to focus and here comes the interesting bit. It was like the pipe was speaking Spanish! However it was not very coherent and when I tried to talk back, I couldn't get a decent Spanish word out. Then I cracked up laughing at my efforts.

I generally felt very happy and relaxed, not fearful of a new experience. I think the plant was introducing itself and made certainly a very strong impression. Somehow I feel it's a plant with teaching vibrations and truth seemed to be at the forefront. I was glad to be at home in familiar surroundings, as I strongly felt, that I could only speak the truth or not at all. Very weird.

I expect future experiences to be slightly different to the first one, I feel it will be all interesting lessons.