I write not primarily to tell you of your child plant's health, but rather of an experience yesterday after a walk with the plant. Working from home and becoming disenchanted with what I was doing, the pull of a bottle of beer was beginning to envelop my thinking. However, I was not going to drink, wishing to pick up my girlfriend from her work later in the day. Instead, with a bag of Salvia leaves sitting next to my computer monitor, my thoughts began to drift towards smoking. My girlfriend's brother too was not far from my mind as he had recently had his, what he called, "first true hallucinatory state", after smoking Salvia 10x. The next day he told me of his experience and for this reason I was now very curious.

I went and fetched my bong: a long multicolored affair, and promptly packed a reasonable amount of 10x in the bowl. I lit my lighter and inhaled it all in one sitting and sat back. It was not long, almost instantaneous, when I began to feel the familiar effects of Salvia. A heightened sense of awareness around me and a slight hallucinatory experience of slight movement with my eyes open. This is as far as I have previously reached upon researching the effects of Salvia. Having taken an array of different psychoactive compounds I was beginning to wonder if "this Salvia was all it's cracked up to be!". Wow... was I gonna find out!

- The slight hallucinatory effects began to envelop my entire consciousness, with the bong appearing to extend and the end rotate - I sensed a small breeze blowing on my arms and neck and I could feel myself being pulled into a rotating vortex. I was being affected too auditorily as I began to hear water and possibly someone calling my name! It was at this point that I began to understand that I was on my way to a strong "trip" - and for some reason began thinking that my girlfriend was on the phone and I was to get up and speak to her. Of course an attempt to get up was unsuccessful, as I just sat there with my head lopped over to the side - thinking that maybe, just maybe I should have had a sitter with me, like I had read in all the advice notes, on what was now becoming a very "powerful" trip.

The thoughts of sitters and my girlfriend were soon abandoned as what I can only describe as the curtain on my reality was drawn closed and the light of Salvia turned on - I was there...I was in the altered world of Salvia. What I experienced next was "truly" unique and strange - never before have I so completely been disembodied from reality as I was yesterday. Even after the consumption of nearly 1000 odd mushrooms I never experienced a "completely" altered reality. Here I was after being sucked into a slowly swirling vortex, transported to a vividly green coloured cartoon like land. I could still at this point sort of make out the wallpaper behind my hallucination - it was like I had a hallucinatory space between me and real reality. The bong now was turning into a train like structure and was passing into a tunnel in this greenness, which now had a definite top to it like a cliff face and appeared to fall into infinity. The cliff edge was characterised by the deep blue hue of the sky that too appeared to travel into infinity.

The train now began to travel along on tracks made of aluminium or some other brightly reflective metallic objects and the wallpaper was gone and I was there - I for a moment panicked thinking, "shit", not wanting to be in this state for what I imagined an eternity like what so can often happen with LSD. I then remembered that I would only be here for a short time and allowed the trip to take control. No wallpaper, no reality as I remembered it... I was now in a strange cartoon land on a train. - The tracks were moving with the train and they were hitting into the sides of the tunnel walls. I could actually hear this - a chinking sound of metal as each one hit into the wall - I remember wondering if I were to hit into the wall if I would feel it. Then the land and the track turned over upon themselves - the tracks now were coming towards me and were hitting into my arms as they went past - this I could feel and watched in amazement - I at this point began to laugh I think (whether I did in our space is another question, but I believe I did within the trip). My laughter was cut short when the land began to turn on itself and close together with me to be squashed by it. As each track went past chinking my arm, the land grew closer - I had to get away and not be squashed. By this time having forgot that this was a trip I was having I tried to move my body up the train/train track (both now I think having become one) - I somehow flipped upside down completely and landed in a void that was being left on the other side of the land closing in upon itself. Safety though was not for long as the experience repeated itself. It felt more like a challenge, like in a computer game, to get away from the land - I didn't think that I was in any real life threatening danger - more like I was actually playing in virtual reality.

Again, I could see wallpaper and now wished the experience to last a bit longer - I thought I heard someone at the door, and the bong appeared to rematerialise. It was however, beginning to fall over in slow motion, and I remember thinking that there was no way that I could possibly go to the door. The water began to pour out of the bong onto my books and papers I had spread on the floor, I just let it....I was in a state of wonderment at everything that had happened. I was being squashed too by the green land that was now a sort of haze in a parallel reality that was between me now and the real worldly reality on the other side. I quickly set the bong down, and could sense myself laughing out loud as I did so. I slumped back into my chair - and wondering if there was anyone at the door or not - "I had better shut up if there is" - and so stifled my laughter as I watched the metal tracks and the green land squash into my torso (which I am pretty sure I could feel too).

After a short time I now found myself in a reflective state with the sort of clarity that you often get on a comedown. I worried slightly as to my ability now to pick up my girlfriend - though was unaware of the time, so bumbled through to the kitchen to drink some water and straighten up a bit. I believe I was only under for maybe as little as ten minutes, though I was still feeling something, if only a little drowsy now. As with all my previous Salvia experiences, within an hour I was as "normal" as I ever am, and sat in amazement as to the power of this plant. I had had a completely new hallucinatory experience. Not only visual, but auditory and tactile senses had been completely taken over. I had been in a completely separate mental reality. Wow, Salvia is certainly not something to be taken lightly.